5 Simple Tips to Stay on Your Diet at a Social Event

Some people often overindulge when invited to parties and then regret their decision later on, with holiday season just around the corner it would be wise to watch what you eat so that obesity doesn’t catch up with you. Below are some useful ways you can stay on your diet while attending social events:

1. Don’t get too hungry before the event

hungry female waiting for food

When still at home before attending the occasion, take some little food so that the body doesn’t crave for more of it at the party. This will protect you from starving for carbohydrates, eating too fast, and generally making the wrong meal choices that lead to weight gain. Starving the body prior to such events only means that you won’t have self-control when the food is finally served. Therefore, grab a light meal before walking out of the door, with more emphasis on vegetables and lean protein.

2. Be selective when choosing your food 

Food selection

Avoid taking anything that has too much fat or carbohydrate in it, such as white rice or processed bread items. Similarly, when taking soup ensure that you don’t end up having something that’s laden with too much crème. Even in salad toppings, avoid those which are sprinkled with cheese, oil or butter. When taking protein-based foods such as meat, try to avoid stakes and red meat. Wait for the main course meal and avoid starters since they are usually deep fried and filled with harmful yet tasty spices. Prefer lean protein foods like chicken or fish.

3. Avoid overfilling the plate

overfilling the plate

Sometimes there may be too much good food for the taking and one may feel like trying them all out, but this isn’t a viable idea as much as it may be tempting. To prevent yourself from overindulgence, survey the food being served before filling the plate. Walk around the table to see what more is available and pick only that which is healthy.

4. Keep off alcohol

eating while being drunk

Alcohol has lots of empty calories which get deposited around the belly hence making one to become fat. If it’s a must that you must take alcohol then do so in moderation. During social events, most people have the habit of taking a few glasses of liquor for a few hours prior to serving their meal. But this isn’t recommended since those few glasses soak the body with calories before even digging into the main meal. Additionally, alcohol usually stimulates appetite hence causing one to take even larger portions of food. It would be better to ask beforehand what types of drinks shall be served, if the wine brands available have too much alcohol in them then consider carrying your own liquor from home if this is allowed.

5, Eat slowly and mindfully

eating slowly

Studies show that it typically takes the body 20 min to discern that it’s full. Hence, the slower you eat the less food you’re likely to consume during the occasion. Mindful eating means appreciating the food you take and acknowledging how it tastes, so as to slow down the intake process and prevent unnecessary gulping of food.

In conclusion, remember to have self-control when attending such parties since there would always be pushy friends around. Pestering you to try every kind of food which is not right.

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