Detoxifying Your Body in 8 Simple Ways

If have been feeling bloated or having intestinal discomfort from a long week of eating various foods or series of parties, detoxifying is one way of cleansing your body. There are several reasons why we detoxify our body. Some of the reasons are discussed below.

  • Same as why we regularly wash our hand before and after eating and using the comfort room, detox program helps on removing all the toxic chemicals, and wastes such as preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, and artificial colors found in our food. Cleansing improves our digestion and helps in our intestinal tune-up.
  • In response to detoxification the detoxification process, it gives us high level of energy. Because while we are on the detoxification process, we are instructed to eat fruits and vegetables while cutting off sugars, caffeine, and fats; this way will give you more natural energy boost.
  • Detox improved absorption of nutrients, proper function of our systems and organs, and promotes a better well-being. As you go away with all the foods that you got addicted from, the detox program kills all the cravings. Since your body will flush out those unhealthy foods and drinks and are replaced with the healthy ones, you will have the chance to retrain your body and stick to the new healthy habit.
  • Those who have been doing detox says that when they detox they often have a clearer thinking. This is mainly because during the program you restrain yourself from all the fat and sugar containing foods which makes us lethargic.

There are several ways of detoxifying but below are 9 steps that are proven to be the best ways especially if you practice all of them.

8 Steps of Detoxification:

  1. Lemon

Drink a glass of water mixed with lemon and 1 spoon of honey before eating you breakfast. . You can also add cinnamon on the drink. The lemon-honey-cinnamon drink will flush you liver toxins and regulates blood sugar level. It also stimulates the digestive tract while decreasing your cravings for sweets. In addition, it neutralizes the toxins and relaxes your body.


  1. Ginger

What could be a great food for detox? Of course, foods that have high antioxidant content and are also anti-inflammatory. These foods include ginger, apple, Brussels sprouts, beets, kale, and pomegranates.

grated ginger

  1. Sleep

Sleep gives us a lot of health benefits and this includes regulation of stress, metabolism, and keeping us away from any illness. Always sleep enough numbers of hours at night for your body to keep up with what you have worked and consumed during the day.


  1. Eat Health, Eat right!

While cleansing your body, take time to prepare your meal. . Take time to choose the right food that can nourish your body. Keep away from fast foods, salted food, and processed and frozen products. Choose to include fruit and vegetable on your meal plan instead.

body cleansing

  1. Yoga

There are yoga poses that promotes circulation of the lymphatic system and the body. Some of these poses are the following:

  • sphinx pose
  • bridge pose,
  • cat to cow pose
  • he supine twist
  • full boat pose
  • shoulder stand


  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness should be practiced regularly. You should think about nourishing your body through your food choices. Meditate daily and listen to your intuition. Clear your thoughts and open your mind to possible opportunities and ideas.


  1. Sugar Restriction

To regulate your intake of food, keep away from sweets. Avoid eating sweets, sugars, and sodas. Keeping away from them also controls your cravings. These foods specifically makes us lethargic. During a detox program, connecting our body and our mind is a very essential part. Starting with this restriction, you might like the effect and make it a habit.

stop sugar

  1. No to Alcohol

Let your pancreas and liver rest, stop drinking alcohol. We know that detox is the process of keeping away from any harmful chemical, toxins, and wastes into our body. So, alcohol is obviously a No, no. This will entirely negate the purpose.

stop alcohol

There are several way of detoxifying your body and those are just 8 of them. As a reminder also, if you have an existing medical problem or you are not feeling well, seek for your doctor’s advice first before starting a detox program. And your doctor says yes then go for it. Always remember that our health is wealth.

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