Drinks that Melts your Fats during Bedtime

bedtime calorie burning juice

bedtime calorie burning juice

Having a sexy and healthy body at the same time is the ultimate goal of most of us. But to achieve it one should take into consideration a dietary change and regular exercise. There are several ways on how to burn fats and those two are just some of them. Metabolism is also a huge factor in reducing weight. It signifies how fast or how slow our body can burn calories. So, if you have a fast metabolism then luck you! The calories from the foods you have eaten is digested and burnt faster than those who has slow metabolism.

The rate of metabolism differs from person to person. It could be because of genes but it could be because of what a person eats. To have a fast metabolism rate, you should be smart enough to know what food to eat and what not. There are also drinks that help boost the metabolism rate during bedtime. All you need to do is gather the ingredients, prepare, and then drink the juice before you take your evening sleep. You will get result by the time you wake up in the morning. You will feel more energetic and lighter.

Below are the list of ingredients needed for the juice. Just gather up all the needed ingredients, mix, and blend all of them. This juice is very powerful when it comes to speeding up your metabolism overnight. It decreases level of fats, most especially the ones on your belly. All the ingredients of this juice are proven to make metabolism fast and have a very effective calorie burning properties even if you are sleeping.

  • ½ full glass Water

glass of water

  • 1 pc Cucumber

Cucumber is proven to fight body fats. It is one of the most used key element on several programs in weight reduction.

  • 1 tbsp. Aloe vera juice

An outstanding fat burning ingredient.

aloe vera

  • 1 pc Lemon 

Aside from it gives a lot of Vitamin C, it flushes out all the accumulated toxins from our body.


  • 1 tbsp. grated Ginger

It burns belly fats most and speeds up metabolism rate. It is also a good remedy for those having stomach upset and constipation.

grated ginger

  • 1 bunch Parsley/Cilantro

Parsley and Cilantro are both rich with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also has low amount of calories which helps you in not gaining extra weight. The two are best when it comes to counteract water retention which eventually decreases your body weight by flushing out all extra water inside the body.





Additional Reminder!

Stay Hydrated. Water is very essential to our body. Not only for because we need it to sustain thirst but also because it helps in regulating our bowel movement and metabolism rate. In relation to the both, it speeds up the two thus, resulting to a more effective waist trimming, calorie burning, and body shaping.

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