Healthy Alternatives To Meat

Meat has been a mainstay in the human diet for millennia. It has since been the most common and major source of protein for the modern lifestyle. But recent studies have shown that maybe too much meat is something that people should avoid. In fact, there are researches that point to meat as a source of many of the diseases that people experience these days. In light of trying to find alternatives, here are a few foods that can definitely take the place of meat on the dinner table.

1. Cauliflower

What people really see cauliflower as is a source of protein. This is just plain wrong, the cauliflower is one of the most abundant plant in terms of protein content. Not only can it be a very good substitute to meat but it is also a very good treat to the taste buds. Cauliflowers are also rich in a lot of other nutrients and vitamins that meat just simply do not have.

2. Quinoa

Just in recent years has quinoa risen in popularity as a food that can replace meat. It has been discovered by a lot of researches that it is very healthy for the body. It packs a punch in its protein content while also being able to deliver a lot of energy for the body. Quinoa is one of the few seeds that possess just about all of the essential amino acids that the human body needs. Also, it is very rich in fiber, which makes it indispensable as a stable food for people looking into living healthier. It is also rich in other minerals like Manganese and Iron.

3. Tempeh

Tempeh is made from fermented soybeans, which is pretty well-known to have a lot of essential amino acids for the body. Tempeh makes the list of many people because of its versatility and flavor that people think hard to find in other meat alternative foods. Tempeh can be used in just about anything from being boiled to being grilled, which is something that makes it worth the trip to the local organic market.

4. Tofu

Just about the most popular meat alternative in the whole world, Tofu beats many others because it is great at absorbing flavors which in turn makes it so easy to cook. Tofu is very soft, so there is no straining on the teeth and gums when eating. It is also derived from soy beans, which make it just as easy to get protein from as any other meat there is. What also sets tofu apart is that it is also very much available just about anywhere. There is little to no hassle in locating and preparing one for a meal.

5. Beans


There are a lot of kinds of beans out there but one thing is for sure- they are very great foods. From kidney beans to Lima beans, the possibility and the potential for flavor is endless. Unlike meat, beans make great food even as dessert. Beans are also considered heavy weights as fibers. They are very good at keeping the digestive system healthy as well as delivering protein content. Truly, they are some of the greatest foods out there.

6. Lentils


Lentils are considered as super food since they are so full of protein and other important minerals for the body. They are available fresh or canned, whichever one prefers. Also, they are high in Iron and Folate, helping the blood stay healthy. Lentils are also very rich in antioxidants, which meat is very popular in not having. Lentils are also found to have a part in stopping inflammation.

7. AlmondsĀ 


Almonds are the superstars of the nut family. They are packed with a lot of essential fats and oils while having the great ability to decrease cholesterol and unhealthy fat. Almonds are also very much endowed with protein, which party the reason why they make such great alternatives to dairy milk also. All in all, when searching for a crunchier alternative to meat, Almonds are a great choice.
Giving up meat can seem daunting and even hard and unsavory for a lot of people, but for those who are great in choosing the kind of alternative meat that they need, it is quite fun.

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