How Chocolates Can Help You Lose Weight

Ask anyone, people would really say that chocolates are some of the best foods that mankind has come up with. It has become more than just a delicacy as it even has a holiday built around the sale and giving of it. Yes, chocolate has been in fact part of the everyday lives of modern man. But these days many people tend to avoid the nice treat that is chocolate due to some health reason. A lot of people say that chocolates give people diabetes. There are also say that obesity is a fruit of eating chocolates. Have they read up about recent scientific studies, they could have come across the wonderful fact that chocolates actually helps the health. In fact, chocolates have even been found to help lose weight. How? Here’s How:

1. Curbing the cravings– Eating of chocolate increases the release of hormones that make the body feel a little more excited. The hormones that chocolate help increase in the body work on the body’s sympathetic nervous system which makes it less inclined to process digestive processes. With this, the body usually doesn’t feel hunger as much as it’s supposed to. With the reduced cravings, losing weight can be very much in reach just by eating a chocolate bar.

2. It helps get rid of fats – Certain chemicals in chocolate actually help in reducing overall body fat. Substances like flavanols that are present in chocolate actually help in decreasing fat content. Though these substances or chemicals are usually associated with dark and black chocolates, milk chocolates also have these substances, although in lesser amounts. Though these chemicals have been proven to be of some effect in cutting down excess fat in the body, it should not be considered as a one size fits all solution or a miracle drug in slimming down. Exercise and proper diet should be kept in the lifestyle.

3. It speeds up metabolism- Much like the chemicals that produces the release of sympathetic hormones cause the appetite to decrease, the chemicals also aide weight-loss in another unique fashion- speeding up metabolism. Yes, not only does chocolate help in decreasing cravings and appetite, but it also helps in speeding up the metabolism. But what does metabolism have to do with losing weight? Well, metabolism is responsible for processing and making use of energy all throughout the body. With the metabolism of the body increased and sped up, there is more utilization of the energy and calories inside the body. Because of this, there is less excess energy that doesn’t get used and stored as fat. It is this particular trait of chocolates that really make it worth eating a lot of.

4. It reduces stress- It is no secret that eating chocolate results in an increase of a number of hormones that have different effects on the body. One of the great effects that eating chocolates is of course, the lessening and reduction of stress. Anybody and everybody would really agree that chocolate is one the go-to foods for people under a lot of stress. Chocolate aids in the release of endorphins and serotonins that make the body in a less stressful state. Because of this, the body no longer has increased fat retention and has a stable blood sugar and blood pressure level, decreasing the need for excess energy and of course, making it easier to shed some weight.

5. It makes exercising easy- Another great thing that chocolates give is the fact that it can be used in tandem with workouts. Chocolate makes exercising a lot easier in a number of ways. First, chocolate is a very good stimulant for brain activity, which is an essential component in exercise and workouts. Also, the stimulating substances in the chocolate help in making the body more attuned to exercise and help in prepping for some sweating. Also, the sugar and calorie content in the chocolate help give the much-needed energy to do serious exercises and workouts. It also helps to think that chocolate is not very

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