How to Beat the Emotional Eating Habit For Ever

It is through eating that our body get all the nutrients it requires. The body is designed to trigger a feeling of hunger when the stomach is empty and all these are coordinated by the brain just like other involuntary activities like breathing and heartbeat . For this reason, a normal human eat at least three to four times per day and the amount eaten in a single eating session depends on so many things including the age, sex and health conditions of the person eating.

There are therefore two types of hunger which are; emotional hunger and physical hunger. As I said before, hunger is controlled by the brain, at times it gets a little bit emotional. But how do you tell if you are experiencing emotional or physical hunger? Well, physical hunger is very gradual while emotional hunger is sudden. Also, an emotional hunger craves for specific comfort food, while physical hunger is never choosy and therefore, susceptible to a wide range of foods. Emotional hunger leads to emotional eating which is not a good thing. Emotional eating is when you find yourself to have eaten a whole pack of chips and even if you are full, you still need to eat more and more.

Emotional eating leads to so many bad results to our body since one can not lose weight with this type of eating . on the other hand, junk food is most likely to be victims of emotional eating and because of its bad fat content, you find out that you are gaining unnecessary weight. From now on, you should be able to call it quits with emotional eating after reading the following guide on how to beat the emotional eating habits.

Remove temptations from your kitchen

Remove temptations

The best way for with emotional eating is by removing all the junk food in your kitchen so that when emotional triggers kick in, you will at least evade that session. They say out of sight, out of mind and most probably out of mouth. If you are able to keep a clean sheet of a fridge without ice cream and any other junk food, then that is the very first stage of fighting emotional eating. Take your time within the month to take an overhaul of your kitchen and throw away any unhealthy food and which are aye catching in times of emotions. Another way to ensure that these foods do not end up in your kitchen is by following a strict shopping plan and avoiding them completely in your shopping list. If your family members insist on having this food in the house, tell them to keep them away from an easy to reach places like the kitchen fridge as this will reduce the chances of temptations as a result of sight.

Keep a journal

food log

The power of pen is mighty they say. If you are sure that you are not hungry but it is because of an emotional drive that you are craving for some food, put down on paper the amount of and how you feel and the amount of food you ate. This is helpful when it comes to helping you out in knowing which food are connected with your emotion surge hence, you will be in a position to control the availability of the food and if they are good food, make them as available and plenty as possible. This will also help you know the substitute of the food you crave for when you are emotional hence, converting a situation that would otherwise be disastrous into a good eating habit.

Distract yourself

wake up call

There is no better way of dealing with emotional eating than distracting yourself with something else that will make you away from your kitchen looking for emotional food. Suggest activities like photography, hiking or even watching a movie. Simple activities like calling a friend can sooth your mind and distract you from the cravings you had a few moments ago. You need to understand yourself well in order to identify activities that interests and do them whenever emotions kick in.

Have healthy snacks at the ready

Healthy Snacks

This is another way of fighting and curbing emotional eating. There are times when emotions kick in and you grab anything near you at that time, be it a bag of chips or good snacks, thanks to good planning. You need to have good snacks at the ready and on stand by so that whenever there is any shift in your emotions and you feel like grabbing anything to eat, the snacks will be there to serve that purpose. This will make that emotional eating session a healthy eating session and instead of gaining bad fat, you will get healthier because you will have had a balanced whole grains for example, or a veggie stick.

Take stock of your emotions

Emotion Circle

Even if you are emotional, you should be in a position to take an account of the outcome of what you are about to do. Before you grab that bag of chips, take a moment to think of what will happen after eating it, questions like, will it help me after eating? Should be running across your mind as you advance to your fridge to pull out that pack of ice cream. Being conscious with the consequences will give you the bargaining power on what you are going to eat when emotions kick in hence, controlling emotional eating completely.

Relieve stress and improve your moods with exercise


Emotions, I can say, Is potential energy that is yet to be harnessed so instead of giving your emotions what it needs, you should be in a position to harness that energy through exercising. This is because exercise will ease and sooth your moods and after it you will fell relaxed and free from emotional surge which could lead to uncontrolled emotional eating.

You should be in a position to understand yourself so that in such situations as these, you will be able to control yourself. Not all people respond to emotions in the same way hence, the earlier you understand them, the better. To get more useful ideas please check this helpful resource fromĀ The US National Library of Medicine.

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