How To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Our kidneys are one of our magical organ that helps our body get cleaned from all the unhealthy substances we have taken. Our kidneys are responsible in many things which keeps our body healthy. Kidneys filters and expels all the unnecessary substances found in our blood such as ions, chemicals, and metabolic wastes. Below are few of the healthful tips on keeping our kidneys healthy.

Make exercise a habit.

Regular exercise does a lot of benefits to our body. It is one of the most overly repeated practice when it comes to healthy living. Exercise obviously helps you maintain your weight or lose the extra baggage. We must always remember that too much fat leads to several possible health problems and that includes kidney problems. Exercise helps regulating and maintaining our blood pressure as well. But take consideration your present body condition because if you are not in good shape and you exercise too much, it may lead to straining of your muscle tissues and kidneys.


Keep hydrated, always!

All the impurities, chemicals, and toxins found in our blood are expelled through urine. Which makes drinking enough water an essential thing to do for our kidneys. Studies suggest that one should drink at least 8 glasses a day. But you can always drink more. There are no studies that states that too much water may cause any problem. So drink water, keep hydrated.


Eat healthy!

Eating healthy foods is not just for our kidney, it’s for our over-all well-being. Eating healthy keeps you having a healthy weight and normal blood pressure. Our kidneys can tolerate any food but the fact that eating unhealthy food may lead to other medical problems like diabetes, it can still affect our kidneys. There are kidney problems that arise from diabetes and high blood pressure. Choose healthy foods always!

healthy eating

Stop smoking.

Other than the lungs which smoking affects most, it can also result to damage to blood vessels. And it may affect the blood vessels that supplies blood to our kidneys which results to insufficient blood supply to the organ and leads to kidney dysfunction. Another reason that you should stop smoking is that is you have a high blood pressure, smoking interferes with the medication that you are taking. A blood pressure that is uncontrolled will most likely result to a kidney disease.

quit smoking

Don’t take too much OTCs.

The most common over the counter drug we take are naproxen and ibuprofen. These NSAIDs may pose risk to our kidneys. These drugs may lead to kidney damage if we take it regularly. We should only take them occasionally for pain. If you are taking for arthritis or chronic pain, talk to your doctor for an alternative drug and for kidney monitoring.

OTC drugs

Avoid drinking herbal medications and supplements.

Herbal medications is such a big market today. Remember that an herbal medication can be good to a person but might not be good for you. In case that you have an existing kidney disease or you are classified as high risk for kidney disease, it is advised that you avoid taking any herbal medication unless advised by your physician. For people who have a kidney disease, intake of potassium should be limited. There are several herbal meds that contains potassium including Alfalfa, Noni, American Ginseng, Stinging Nettle, Feverfew and many more.  Remember that too much intake of herbal medications and vitamins greatly harms our kidneys. Always ask your doctor for the right vitamins/ supplements and herbal medications that you can take.

herbal medication

Screen if you’re at risk.

If you have a familial history of kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure, you are categorized as a high risk. There are several factors though that makes you high risk for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Aside from diabetes and high blood pressure, it also includes your age, family history, ethnicity, race, hereditary factors such as Polycystic Kidney Disease, increased creatinine level, and decreased Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR).  If you are high risk, always ask your doctor for kidney dysfunction screening to make sure everything is going well.


There are more ways on how to keep your kidneys on its healthiest condition. The thing is, are you open to do all of them? Well, if you don’t want to be connected with any of the kidney disease there is, why not? Prevention is always better than cure anyways.

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