Top 5 diets for fat loss that deliver results safe and fast

There are dozens of diet plans in the market today and they all promise to help you shed off the excess fat from your body in just a few days, often in strange and sometimes dangerous ways. They range from grapefruit diet, jenny Craig, weight watchers, skinny bitch diet, raw food diet and many others but do they really work? Losing weight with diets can be quite difficult but it does not have to be if you diet plan is healthy. Here are the Top 5 diets for fat loss that deliver results safe and fast.

  1. Weight Watchers diet

Weight Watchers

Weight watchers diet plan is based on pro points system, which assigns a certain value to foods and drinks depending on their fibre, fat, carbs and protein content. This diet plan is basically calorie controlled and you receive personal pro points allowance daily which you use whichever way you like. Weight watchers does not limit the amount of vegetables or fruits you eat and no foods are banned, therefore, you can eat and drink whatever you want provided you stick to your points allowance.

This diet plan also involves weekly meetings that provide extra motivation, support as well as educate on healthy living. Weight watchers diet plan indicates that you will lose at east 2lb per week.

The major advantage of this diet plan is that the pro points are easier to follow and less restrictive compared to calorie counting adopted in other diet plans. Weight watchers also introduces a safety net of points that can be saved up for special occasions such as a weekend treat or a night out. However, just like other weight loss products, weight watchers also has its drawbacks; it is an expensive diet plan and working out the points system is time consuming.

  1. Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig

Losing weight involves restricting protein, fats and calorie intake. Jenny Craig prepackaged meals and recipes do all the three and they also emphasize on healthy eating and behavior as well as lifestyle modification. The aim of this diet plan is portion control that begin with the frozen prepackaged meals. Each Jenny Craig meal is designed around your weight, fitness habits, level of physical activity as well as tenderness to eat due to stress and it can range from 1200-2300 calories daily. Jenny Craig diet plan also involves personal consultants that guide the members throughout their weight loss journey from day one through support and motivation. They also teach members on how to eat right, what a balanced meal should consist of and how they can maintain their weight even after the plan. A major drawback to jenny Craig diet plan is that it does not allow restaurant or even home cooked foods. One is only limited to eating the prepackaged foods which are delivered. Also these foods are quite expensive to purchase.

  1. New Atkins diet

New Atkins Diet

Atkins diet turns the body into a fat burning machine. The theory behind this diet is that when you starve yourself of carbs, the body begins to burn the stored fats for energy which leads to weight loss. Unlike the old Atkins diet, this diet allows a wider variety of foods for nutrition balance. During the first one week, you are on a protein rich diet with no fat restriction and a carb allowance of 20g and you will lose up to 5 pounds. However, weight loss is gradual in the following weeks and one is recommended to exercise regularly to enhance weight loss. More carbs are then slowly introduced in the body beginning with 5g then 10g in order to find out the right carb intake to maintain a healthy weight. A motivating factor of this diet plan is that you will lose weight quickly and it encourages members to cut out alcohol and carbohydrates from their diet. With a diet of cheese, cream, butter, red meat and mayonnaise, this diet plan is the most appealing to men. However, there are certain side effects that have been associated with this program, they include: nausea, insomnia, a dry mouth, constipation and dizziness due to low intake of fibre and carbs. High intake of saturated fats may also lead to heart problems.

  1. Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Pyramid

Raw foods are packed with natural nutrients and enzymes that helps the body to reach optimal health. In this diet plan, you meal consist of foods that have not been microwaved, processed, cooked, exposed to pesticides or herbicides, genetically engineered or irradiated. The aim is to eat plenty of veggies, seeds, nuts and berries in their natural state so as not cancel their nutrients and vitamins when cooking. Raw foods also contains less calories than cooked foods.


This diet plan guarantee weight loss and each meal is dominated with vegetables and fruits which is healthy to the body.


This program contains many rules that one should follow to achieve the desired results. It also requires one to invest in expensive kitchen equipment that are used to prepare the meals.

  1. Biggest Loser Diet

Biggest loser diet plan is a six week plan that is designed to help you lose weight fast and safe. The healthy eating and regular exercise in the six weeks will not only help you lose weight but also boost you immune system. Most of our diets are out of order, we eat the wrong foods and sit around all day which leads to weight gain. Biggest loser diet plan is based on balanced eating (lean protein, whole grains and lots of fruits and vegetables), low calorie intake and exercise to help you shed off the extra pounds.

Biggest loser diet dos and don’ts

Biggest Loser

You should fill up your foods with lots of fruits and vegetables

Track your diet by keeping a food journal so that you can stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Avoid red meat and eat lean protein instead

A major advantage of this diet plan is that it does not limit any foods and it offers a solid nutrition.

Lastly, please remember that a healthy eating plan should continue after your diet is over, to get more information about your healthy eating plan feel free to check out this useful resource online –

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