7 Things To Remember Before Going To The Gym

Going to the gym is relatively the first move of those who wants to lose some pounds and to build muscles. But in most cases, they are hesitant in doing so because of several common reason. These reasons listed below are just few but are very significant on their decision making. Hence, goal achievement might not be reached.

  • New to the place. Some might be very hesitant and have second thoughts because of the fact that the gym is very new for them. They are unfamiliar to the surroundings.
  • They don’t know how they should do it. Where should they start by the way?
  • New people, new faces. They might be uncomfortable working out with other people. Some might have built the figure that they are desiring to have. They tend to become self-conscious since they haven’t made any interaction and relationship with anyone inside the gym.
  • Lack of knowledge. There are several equipment inside the gym and they know about one or two of them. They tend to be anxious on going to the gym since they don’t know much about the equipment and other basic stuff.

And because of these few but very common and relevant reasons we have gathered the basic things that anyone who is planning to go to the gym must read and remember. Let us be knowledgeable and ready before we start anything, always.

gym bag

Pack up your bag first before you go out to the gym.

Before anything else, you should know what you should bring before you head out to the gym. If most girls have their makeup kits, gym goers should have their gym bag loaded with essential things. You should have the following inside your gym bag:

  • Water bottle with water
  • Shoes that you are most comfortable working out with
  • Gym clothes
  • Extra clothes including underwear
  • Hair ties; especially for women and men with long hair
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Who wants to smell like a trash can after working out?
  • Towel, extra towel
  • Shower shoes or flip flops for shower or sauna
  • Journal in case you want to log your every workout session

Gym tour

You can visit your gym before you start everything else.

Always make even a little research about your chosen gym before you start working out to avoid being uncomfortable with the place. Make a pre-workout tour on the gym that you prefer to work out and talk with any of the gym’s representative about their facilities and amenities. This one crashes one of the reasons above right?

Locker rooms

You can use the gym’s locker rooms.

You should know that gym equipment are mostly dirty and it’s okay to clean them before you use them. But the good thing is that most gyms have sanitary stations where you can get cleaning products that are appropriate to use in cleaning those equipment. Know that there are equipment that does not need to be cleaned even though it is frequently used like free weights. You can also buy your own items especially those personal items that you use on the gym like yoga mat.

Dirty Gym

Some gyms can be dirty but you can always clean or stay away from it.

Everyone sweats, but it’s what you do about it that counts. “Most gyms have sanitary stations with products to keep shared equipment clean. Wipe things down both before and after you use them. You may also want to consider investing in some personal items if you plan on using them frequently, like a yoga mat. Some equipment, like free weights, don’t need to be wiped down each time, but always be sure to wash your hands when you’re done with your workout.”

weight room

Weight rooms are not limited for advance gym goers only, beginners can use it as well.

Even though you are beginner when it comes to weight lifting and body building, you are not prohibited to enter the weight room. You can start light and increase the load and the complexity of your movements. Just remember to start light, concentrate and observe proper body mechanics.


If you don’t know how to use a specific equipment, it’s totally normal!

Don’t hesitate to ask or seek for a trainer at the gym if you don’t know how to use any of the equipment yet. It is totally normal especially that you are still starting out. Everyone starts at the bottom. Trainers help a lot especially when it comes to knowing the basic functions of the equipment and how to use them properly.

music during workout


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