All About Reflexology

A treatment that produces good effects on both your body and mind is called Reflexology. It relieves the felt pain through stimulation of appropriate pressure points located on the ears, hands and feet. The regulated pressure exerted on these areas reduces the pain source or discomfort. This therapeutic method can also be excellent in the prevention of any unhealthy conditions and help promote good health as well as provide relief for any sickness, injury, or stress.

Reflexologists go through the certain areas of pressure points which are located mainly on the ears, hands, and of course the feet. The pressure points are believed to be connected to various glands, organs, and nervous system. The reflexologists apply manual controlled force on appropriate pressure points based on several techniques following the principles of the reflexology. Touching therapy is used to treat the pain source or illness and then pressure is applied to the ears, hands, or foot.


Reflexology is a method that helps heal the body through stimulation of the nerves. It also increases the blood flow that circulates in the body system. Furthermore during the course, this kind of therapeutic method can even relieve several kinds of pain sensations.

Many reflexologists believe in the effectiveness of this healing method in treating all kinds of illnesses and injuries. For example, in a condition called fibromyalgia. Reflexology is greatly advised for people who have this kind of disease in order to reduce instances of severe bowel syndromes which are frequently associated in this condition. Reflexology therapy is then encouraged to prevent the muscle pains that occur with this disease instead of consuming pain relievers. This therapy also alleviates the breathing problems exacerbated by the condition which causes the muscles in the neck up to the throat area to tighten.

✔ Impact specific organs: this includes fMRI readings showing the elevated blood flow inside the kidneys and the intestines

✔ Improve symptoms: specifically on dialysis patients, an improvement is seen on their kidney’s functionalities

✔ Induce relaxation: the alpha and the theta waves acquired during the EEG measurements showed a dramatic decrease on a patient’s blood pressure and even lowered the anxiety level

✔ Reduce pain: pain is reduced on 27 studies that was conduction on several conditions including severe to moderate chest pains, stones in the kidney, AIDS, and peripheral neuropathy on diabetics.

Additional systematic reviews also states that reflexology can have:

  • A favorable result on diabetics (especially those who have type 2 diagnosis)
  • Excellent effect on preventing incontinence or unable to control both/either in urinating or defecating and to lowering the blood pressure for hypertensive
  • Positive outcome on the blood pressure

Quick reminder before engaging in a Reflexology session

To gain the optimum benefit during a session in reflexology, both the patient and the reflexologist must be in a comfortable position. The patient must be able to lean back or lie down on one’s back (reclining position) during the therapy so that the reflexologist may be able to perform the session on bare hands or bare feet.

The patient must also take off the socks and shoes being worn during the therapy. There is no Any special preparation is unnecessary. There is no need to take any medications before the treatment or application of body oils, cream, or lotions.


There is no danger in reflexology. It is absolutely safe. It can also be done anytime of the day and can be given by oneself. However, qualified reflexologists claims to prevent an incorrect understanding by stating that reflexology should not be substituted for any medical treatment because the aim of this therapeutic method is only for health promotion or illness prevention.

It is greatly encouraged for people who have chronic or long-term health issues to ask first a doctor’s advice before trying out reflexology. Diabetic patients for instance are reminded to take caution when doing reflexology. Same for the case on women who are pregnant, reflexology is prohibited on the early months of pregnancy for it might cause accidental induced labor as well as premature delivery. So it is always better to seek medical consultation first before a reflexology session for people who have health conditions.

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