An Apple a Day Keeps the Pounds Away

You want to know a secret on how to lose weight? If you are tired of dieting, then don’t cut out. Instead, choose crowding out. Crowding out involves eating more of healthy foods as part of your diet rather than to cut out the foods you enjoy (like junk foods with low nutritional value on it). This method in dieting crowds out the unhealthy foods you like to take in daily by making healthy choices every time you eat.

By gradually adding foods that are rich in fiber or nutrient-dense foods to your diet, you hinder the urge to eat unhealthy foods. People who practice this diet method believe that cravings for unhealthy foods disappear over time leaving you healthier and full.


How to implement this method? The key in crowding out is to gradually add up. The more good foods you eat, the less room you have for the bad foods. Eating more nutrient- dense foods satisfies your cravings especially foods with high fiber on it can really do more of a difference in losing weight. Because fiber rich foods help fill our stomach easily without piling up a lot of calories, it also helps slow down food digestion. In other words, if you are adding healthy foods all day long then most likely you will have a slow decrease of cravings for junk foods and will be have healthy food cravings instead.

Studies shows that most of the Americans do not include enough fiber on their diet all throughout the day. For women, it is highly recommended to have fiber intake every day for 25 grams in a calorie diet of 2,000 exactly a fiber of 14 grams in total from a consumption of 1,000 calories. On the other hand, it is best for men to have 38 grams of fiber consumption. However, an average American eats only 15 grams of fiber on a day to day basis.

Apples do not only contain dietary fiber. Apples are rich in pectin. It is highly popular and made as an agent in a form of gel to create jellies and jams of different kinds. Pectin also can help in the stomach’s metabolism. It can delay emptying of the stomach after food consumption with the same mechanism. UCLA researchers found out that when you swap in pectin and go for a regular fiber, it could double the subjects’ emptying mechanism time for up to 60 minutes to 120 minutes which means that the subjects feel fuller in a certain time much longer. In another study also conducted which was published in a journal Nutrition, researchers showed that when you instruct participants to eat a single pear or an apple before eating their meals resulted to a noticeable loss of weight.


Subjects were instructed to consume more foods then add fruits aside from their regular diets daily. What happened was that in result, the fruits eaten crowded out the unhealthy food choices which ended up on eating fewer calories after all and subjects had a significant loss of pounds. Therefore, eating an apple gives out extraordinary benefits to our health when eating them. It is true that a single apple everyday helps keep a doctor away. In a study reviewed by a Research Center they have found out that in comparison to those people who eat lesser apple in a day, to those who takes in one apple or more are most likely to develop serious illnesses.

It totally makes sense thought the newly studied results, it showed apple peels have powerful antioxidant ingredients Apples also seem to have better effects against negative estrogen receptors in breast than the positive kind of receptors which is harder to deal with.


So if you want to eat something healthy then do not hesitate to choose an apple. Eat it at a generous amount and your hunger for junk foods will totally be silenced. It is the best crowding out method you can simply practice. You can grab some at mid-morning, or during the afternoon, or even before your regular meal. Everything is your choice. And choose what is best for you. Before a day ends, have some fresh bite of an apple. Certainly not applesauce, apple juice, pie, or muffin but just a nice piece of whole apple. You might be surprised when your weight starts to come off as well as your health becomes better every day.

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