Are Supplements The One You Really Need

Are you frequently thinking if supplements are real thing now? Don’t be an ignorant of these things. You should know more about supplements, health supplements in particular. First things first, do you know what is a supplement and what it can do to your body? Actually, supplements are something that is taken orally to enhance or to complete all the lacking nutrients in the body. It is in form of a pill, tablet, or powders. It adds nutritional or dietary value to the diet. It is compose of one or a mixture of any substances, either a vitamins, mineral, a botanical or an herb.

Many trainers recommend taking supplements because it give faster result than not taking at all, especially if you have goals to meet. But if you think you are eating enough substances needed by your body then it is okay. It is entirely up to you anyways. But in case you are wondering if you should take it or not, know more about the different types of supplements and the result it is intended to give. You must choose the ones that fit to your goals, obviously.

There are several types of supplements as well as variety of body goals by everyone. We do not have the same goals that we want to meet. Also, there are several training that you can try depending on the result you want but here are few tips for you to meet your #bodygoal.

  • For emphasizing compound movement: Squatting, chin-ups, dead-lifting, lunges, and push-ups.
  • You can follow a 3-day full body approach in a week or a 4-day/ week with upper and lower body split.
  • Always remember to focus on using proper techniques.
  • Challenge yourself regularly.

Food supplements

Because there are lots of available muscle building supplements in the market, don’t be fooled easily by their marketing tactics. Because just few of them are actually scientifically proven so you should be very careful in choosing the supplement for you.

Muscle building supplements

Effective Muscle Builders

If you are into muscle building, here are the most effective muscle building supplements that is right for you.


Creatine monohydryate or simply creatine is recognized as the number one most effective supplement when it comes to muscle building. There are more then 200 published studies that proves its effectiveness other than the users themselves. Creatine helps you in your workout by delaying your muscle fatigue during high intensity workouts. It also gives high amount of muscle proteins as well as glycogen. Creatine is most recommended for non-meat eater athletes.

5 grams of creatine is the recomended dose per day. It is taken with meals during day-offs. It is also advised that you take it together with some carbs or protein to help the muscles absorb it more.


Protein is the building blocks of our muscle. You can gain more muscle by eating a lot of calories and strength train it. If you have bigger muscles, you need more protein. It is known that you need to consume twice as much as a normal person of recommended dose of protein per day.

For athletes, 25 grams of protein per meal is recommended (with 5 meals a day). This will promote creation of solid and lean mass. The best time to take protein is during breakfast before you go for a workout and before bedtime after you have taken your high intensity workout.

HMB (hydroxy beta methylbutyrate)

HMB or Hydroxy Beta Methylbutyrate is a metabolite of leucine which is a type of amino acid. There are several researches that found out that it promotes building of lean muscles in times that you are over-reaching or you keep yourself exercising beyond your limit. It is a form of muscle repair of your body. Recommended dose is 1.5 grams in the morning and another 1.5 grams in the afternoon.

Non-muscle building supplements

Even though there are many effective supplements in the market, there are also supplement fails. And one of them is Glutamine.


It is out in the market but there are actually no scientific studies that proves the effectiveness of Glutamine. It doesn’t cause any damage to your health though since it is a good food for your immune system. However, don’t expect to have muscle changes in your body anytime.


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