Benefits of Keeping a Workout Journal

Are you thinking of a way to make use of your time when you are in the gym? Don’t just think about the most popular and trending supplement, gadget, equipment and gears today. Consider something simple (although you might think it is overrated) and will not cause you too much. Keeping with you a journal, a workout journal where you write everything what you have done and what you will do in the gym. It can cover from all the exercise routines, your diet preferences, and even your rest hours or rest days.

Logging in your total workout routine will help you keep motivated and focused on getting your goal, fitness goal. Below are 7 things why you should give workout journal a try.

To keep you honest. 

If you write your exercise routine for the day before you head to the gym will eliminate the chance of you ducking out before the supposed time. It will help you not to skip some of your exercises that you don’t feel like doing because you just don’t “feel” to do it at the moment. It keep you honest and clear with what you are going to do to the gym which make your workout more efficient and effective.


To create better, smart goals.

Having a journal to write your progress will allow you to make a better and smarter goal. Knowing that your past exercises and routines are not that effective for your body, you can be able to choose the routines that are giving you the exact result that you are needing. It will also eliminate the chance of you making unrealistic goals which makes you get discouraged in the future just because you have set a way too much goal for yourself. Planning SMART is one way of chasing your goals easy to do.

smart goals

To keep you inspired. 

Tracking your workouts allows you to look back on to your past workouts and realize how much progress you have gained. Regularly flipping through them will keep you more inspired in working out and chase your goals harder. This will give you the pride of what you have gained and be reminded that you are capable of doing things and meeting your goals.


To see your workout patterns.

Workout journals contains not only the exercise you have performed but also the rests you have done and the food that you have taken. Noting all of them every time will allow you to keep note on the effects of rest, food, and exercise on your body. By scanning your journal, you can see and note which food gives you the most energy and which one makes you tired. It will also allow you to see which exercises give you the most or least effect and how much rest you should actually have. Looking through those things, you will see which pattern you should copy and which one you should avoid.

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Motivates you to work out more.

Journals will allow you to write your bad workout experiences as well as the good ones. Keeping your workout journal updated, you can flip on every pages where you can see how you have been on the rough times and also how good it was when you have accomplished some of your goals. Motivating yourself to work out more is one thing a workout journal can give you. You can also keep track on how many goals you have done and how many are left to accomplish. On this sense, it gives you also the focus and motivation to work more to meet your goals.

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Allow you to plan your workout. 

Journals can also be used to jot down your short term and long term fitness goals (just like how you use your personal journals as well). You can write down the workouts that you wanted for the day, the next day, the whole week, or the whole month. You may also include your calorie counts, rest periods, and diet. This will give you cleared guide to stay on the way to your goal.


Enables you to write down your feelings. 

Keep track on your workout regimen through journals and write how you feel on each of them. It does not only give you a way to keep off the stress from your very bad workout day (for example) but also to allow you to see feedback of every routine you have done. This can be very useful reference if you will write a workout plan in the future.


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