Best Exercises You Can Do In the Office

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the cause of most of the major health disorders nowadays. Working in an office for at least 8 hours a day, five to six times a day could be detrimental to our body. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it because we all know that we love having a working our ass. Despite its hazardous effect, our jobs gives our lives challenges that we wanted to take and the feeling of fulfillment and success.

Our office makes forbid us to move freely and our free time gives us no time for exercise. Here are few exercises that we can do in our offices beyond its little space. These exercises can be done in your desk area during your vacant times.



Of course! You can do a 10-minute walk around our office at a 100 steps per minute pace. You can do it even without your office noticing that you are already going for an exercise. You can walk towards Starbucks to make your exercise more productive and beneficial. It does not humiliate you and it is one of the easiest way to exercise during work days.

Raise the Roof

raise the roof

This one is easy. For about 20 repetitions, march in place and move your hands like you are pushing the roof. Make sure that you do it with your thumbs touching your shoulders and your palms are facing upwards. You can do it with a bottled water as a weight to make it harder. Others might be conscious though of their armpits because it will be exposed during the exercise. But what is more important though? Several find this exercise very comforting on the other hand.

Triceps Kick

triceps kick

This exercise could be awkward for you but it loosens the upper part of your body. Triceps Kick is done by bending your body by 45 degrees, bending and extending your elbows like you are lifting weights, while marching on the same place. You can also add bottled water to make it harder and realistic with the “like lifting weights” part. Do this exercise 20 times.



This exercise relieves the stress on your elbows. Do this for 20 repetitions by punching on the side using the alternate arms. Be careful while doing this exercise because you might hit something or worse, you may hit your boss. Try to check your surroundings first and your office rules if you are allowed to do that kind of exercise inside the office.

The Hulk

the hulk

Have you seen The Hulk? Like the stance of The Hulk, the superhero, this exercise would include leaning forward and moving both arms to the back just like a wings’ movement. Do this while your elbows are bent, both fists are positioned in your front side, and marching on the same place at the same time. This motion allows your shoulder blades almost touch together. This exercise looks like you are playing. You can actually make a sound like how The Hulk does it to make other laugh.

Desk Push-ups

desk pushup

Before doing this exercise, check first your desk. Make sure that it can hold your body weight and it won’t move and make any sound. This is just like the usual push-up but on your desk. For 10 repetitions, put your hands on the edge of your desk nearest your body with shoulders apart and legs out. Push and pull your body towards the desk like the usual push-up exercise. One advantage of this exercise is that you can’t be noticed by the next room.

Knee Lift

knee lift

Knee lift exercises your quadriceps and hip flexors. Lift your knees one by one in your front while you move your hands downwards towards your knees for 20 times. This may require a bit of coordination and concentration. But it is not a difficult exercise and does not make you all too sweaty and humiliating.

Side Lunge

side lunge

This exercise might require you a bit of an area to be able to move but it does not attract attention. Do this by putting your hands together on your hips. And then move from side to side while bending one knee in an alternating motion. Side Lunge is a good exercise for our knees.

There are several more office exercises that we can actually do as much as the several diseases that we can attract if we continue just working every day without taking into consideration our health and body.

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