Can Shoes Affects Workouts?

working out barefoot

When exercising and working out, there are a lot of things to consider to ensure a productive and safe session so as to maximize the results. Things from diet to sleeping habits should be taken into account when trying to work out and when needed, some changes need to be adapted so that the results of the workout and exercise programs would go a lot smoother and a lot more enjoyable. One thing that many people tend not to notice very often when looking into things to consider is the shoes. Yes, a lot of advertisements would be more than willing to promise optimal results when their footwear are being worn during workouts. But do they really make much of a difference, if any at all? What are the things that shoes can have effects on during a workout?


It may seem a little ridiculous how the upper body’s structure can be dictated by the feet, but it’s quite proven to be true. The feet, or rather, how they are positioned, can affect the overall posture of the body. People tend to slouch at times when wearing completely flat soled shoes. They also tend to have more low back pain when using shoes with high heels. Because of this, it’s quite obvious to infer that the right kind of shoes can affect and even improve workout sessions and jogging/running activities in a great way. Posture is very important for people who lose weight since people who have wrong posture during heavy lifting and strenuous exercise may lead to injuries.


The Butt and Legs

Aside from the posture, the butt and legs also benefit quite a lot from wearing the right pair of shoes. The muscles in the legs and the gluteal muscles in the butt have foundations on the back part of the feet that any changes on those parts would cause additional strain and contraction for the muscles above. For those who are looking for firmer and toner glutes, changes can be made on the shoes being worn to optimize the muscle activities in those areas.



A lot of injuries to the body can be traced to the kind of shoes worn inside the gym or when out for a run. There are a lot of shoes out there that just aren’t fit for workouts. Breaking out of blisters on the foot regularly happen when not wearing the proper shoes when out for a run. There are also those that end up slipping and falling down so often because the sole of their shoes are wrong. It may not be directly affecting the muscles of the body, but choosing shoes can really impact the state of the feet and keep them from injuries.

foot injury

Special Considerations

One should not forget that there are people who have different kinds of feet and that choosing the right kind of shoes for their workout can do wonders in terms of results for whatever they want to achieve. There are a lot of people who are flat footed, and as such, need shoes with gentle soles that allow the feet more maneuverability without jeopardizing the foot’s safety. People with flat feet generally roll their feet inward by accident and cause for them to fall. Shoes with stabilizing effects on their feet could help do wonders for their running time and other workout activities. People with high arched feet should have shoes that absorb shock and allow for flexibility.

Shoes for workout

The Role Comfort Plays

Of course, what really matters most is how comfortable a person is with his or her shoes when he or she is working out. One may be wearing the simplest shoes, as long as they are the right ones, and they can just about do anything. The shoes can affect workouts. They can really affect the performance of the person. The shoes can also help tone certain muscle groups and provide for better exercising of those groups. Also, the shoes can be chosen for its protective purposes. A lot of people recommend shoes that do not slip easily and are very durable when going to gyms and shoes that are lighter when going for jogs. All in all, it really depends on the specific workout.

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