Dos and Don’ts of Snacking

Workout snacks

Meals before and after exercise should be timed appropriately because it is very crucial for your body’s amount of energy that you need for your workout session and during your recovery period. Does your fitness program include meals or snacks in between workouts? You should follow a scheduled or timed snacks accordingly to make sure that your will have an effective sweat session, as well as a speedy recovery post-workout.

It is very important not just to have a nutritional and complete meals in a day. Snacking before and after workout is also essential for your body. You need to take enough healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean proteins not only for meals but also for snacks. To know more about what you should and should not do about snacking, see the list below for an effective and yet successful fitness regimen.



Snack before you exercise. You need to eat before engaging in your workout session. Your body needs enough energy to sustain your workout session. Eating before working out will give your body fuel to keep you energized and let you perform your exercises best.

Go for a balanced snack. Your snack should contain all the essential nutrients that you need for your workout session. It should have fats, carbs, and protein. Fats, the good fats, and protein keeping you satiated and to give you energy that will make you last until the end of your workout and carbohydrates to fuel your body from the start of your workout.

Follow a healthy diet. According to professionals, what you eat every day is as important as what you eat a day before a performance.

Make a strategic schedule for snack time. It is ideal to have a snack 2 to 3 hrs. before exercise. . It also depends on the type and duration of workout you are going to do. For example, if you intend to do an hour and a half of workout, eat hours before you start working out and bring with you an energy booster snack that you will eat 30 mins before you start. Or you make take it in the middle of the long workout.

Take a snack an hour post-workout. According to professionals, you should eat 30 mins after a performance or a long workout. To give you a boost of energy at end. And then eat a larger meal within an hour because your metabolism is at its peak. This means most of your calories are burn during this time. Fueling your body and losing weight is on its optimal period this time.



Don’t forget water. Hydrating your body especially if you are in a workout program, it is a necessity. Lack of water intake will cause dehydration which results to fatigue and heat related problems. You will also not be able to help your body to digest nutrients efficiently.

Don’t skip your meals. Skipping meals either before or after a workout might lead to blood sugar level. You will not be able to recover from the exercise you’ve been fast enough. Your meal will improve your performance during your exercise so it should not be forgotten.

Don’t forget to eat meals or snack after a workout. Working out will break down your muscle tissues and consumes your energy. Eating a meal or a snack right after your workout will replenish the consumed energy and helps you recover faster. And it will make you stronger than yesterday.

Don’t depend on zero calorie snacks. You should choose snacks that contain all carbohydrate, fat, and proteins. Check on which food that you really doesn’t need to include in your snack preferences. It might destroy your fitness regimen and instead give you a lot of sugar.

Don’t try to overeat. It is recommended not to eat food that makes you sluggish or heavy. Plus, don’t consume more food than advised. Also, don’t work out with a full stomach because it can make you sick and lethargic. Fiber rich and fat rich foods should be avoided as well as they can cause stomach upset which can be a hindrance to your workout.

Snack Choices Best for Pre and Post- Workout 

preworkout foods

Below are few of the healthiest choice of pre-workout snack you can choose from.

  • Bread with banana and peanut butter (whole grain bread)
  • A cup of berries + yogurt
  • Energy bar or cereal bar (made of natural ingredients)
  • Fruit Smoothie (ingredients: hummus, celery, yogurt or milk, raw carrots)
  • Turkey sandwich
  • Whole grain crackers, string cheese, and fruits
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Potato with cheese (small)
  • Cereal and milk (whole grain)

postworkout snack

Post-workout food best for your body:

  • Bagels
  • Energy bars
  • Energy drink like Gatorade
  • Fruits

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