Fitness Success Through Sleeping

Do you know that sleep can help in your quest to losing body fats? I guess you don’t, right here you are going to know the impact sleep can make on losing body fats so keep calm and continue reading. You might have been looking for some ways to lose some body fat, either through some scientific means or through some natural means.

You might be familiar with programs that  advice on exercises that can make you burn out body fats, put you through some dieting plans, though what you eat and the type of exercise you do might be significant to losing body fats, but literary there are other factors that can also  contribute to the type of result you get , but they all depend on the amount of dedication and consistency you put into it , if you want  look like that super model with slim and elegant body, with nice curves and shapes that looks almost perfect.

But no-one has ever taught of sleep as a benefiting factor to the successful result, it obviously gets overlooked. Your sleep’s quantity and quality can have a positive impact on your end result to lose body fats, let’s take a look at how sleep can possibly help lose body fats.
stressed man

High production of Cortisol

Cortisol is referred to as a type of hormone released in our body which breaks down our tissues. The more quantity and quality sleep you get in the night, the less stressful you will become during the day, which means less sleep could lead to stress which will in turn generate high level of cortisol in the body system. There are lots of scientific studies that shows which says that good quality sleep are less likely to have increased cortisol level than those who deprived themselves of good quality sleep.

Another factor that can increase cortisol level is “dieting” because it deprive the body of the required amount of calories needed to carry out the body functions  and this in turn will make you quickly stressed out thereby raising the cortisol level in the body.

glucose testing

Inability to control glucose well

Do you know that depriving yourself of good quality sleep can result to low level of glucose in the body and may develop to insulin sensitivity? And do you know what that really means? It means lack of good quality sleep can increase your chance of developing a serious illness. It will decrease the ability of insulin to respond to the change in sugar level within the body system, and this leads to increased sugar level in the body since it can’t be effectively regulated.

visceral adipose tissue

More adipose tissue (visceral)

When trying to lose fat the most important thing people tend to look for is the visceral fat simply because it pose greater threat to the body. A group of researchers carried out a study to know the effect of continuous exposure to light and continuous darkness using animals as a subject. Measuring the change in metabolic rate, melatonin production level, and the pattern of the circadian rhythm activity which includes behavioral change on a 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness standard condition versus 1 day continuous light and 1 day of continuous darkness.

The researchers noticed that the animals exposed to continuous light for 1 day demonstrated a more visceral adipose tissue than the other group. The other group showed less activity, gets excited easily, and very irritated. Our body wants to maintain naturally the normal circadian rhythm with active and non-active hours of the day. But when it is deprived of it, negative responses begin to show up with regards to body fat and overall health.

sleep and exercise

Sleep vs Performance

The amount of sleep you take can have an impact  on the amount of exercise you do, when you don’t take proper sleep it affect the ability of your body to recover quickly and it will in turn reduce the level and intensity at which you exercise. Sleep help in rebuilding your muscles and recovering lost energy, and if it’s not enough you might probably get worn out or get tired of exercising and this in turn will have a negative impact on your quest to lose body fats.

By having 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night can make you healthier, clear out unnecessary stress and will also help you achieve positive result in your quest to lose body fats.

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