Food For The Heart

There are several foods that can make your heart on its best state. Some of them helps you maintain your blood pressure at its normal level. While others keep your cholesterol on the normal range. These are just few of how those heart-healthy foods work and keep you away from heart problems. Here is a list of the best foods for your heart. Let us know them one by one. For all I know, you’ll be adding them on your shopping list.



Avocadoes on the other hand contains cholesterol, but not the bad one. It contains an amount of good cholesterol or the High Density Lipoprotein cholesterol. HDL cholesterol lowers the amount of LDL cholesterol in your blood. Avocadoes also has an anti-inflammatory effect which prevents your atherosclerosis (if you have it) into a chronic stage. There are several ways of eating an avocado. You may spread mashed avocado in to your sandwich or mix cubes of avocadoes into your salad.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is made from cocoa plant. It has high amount of Flavanols. Flavanols keeps your body from creating blood clots and decreases your level of blood pressure. It is also rich in antioxidant that prevents cholesterol from sticking into your arterial walls. Choose dark chocolates with the least amount of sugar because sugars increases your risk of having a heart disease. And to get more Flavanols, choose dark chocolates that contains at least 70% cocoa. You can still choose chocolates without being in the healthy side of your diet.

dark chocolate


Beta glucan is a type of fiber that decreases the amount of Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol or what is commonly known as the Bad cholesterol. Oatmeal contains a significant amount of beta glucan fiber which helps you maintain a healthy heart. As little as one and a half cup of oatmeal can lower your LDL cholesterol. It is enough amount of beta glucan that our body needs.

oatmeal in a cup 


Pomegranates is a good source of polyphenol that lowers your risk of having a heart disease. It is also rich in Anthocyanin which is a substance that keeps your arteries from hardening. There was a study conducted where they gave a juice of pomegranate for a straight 3 months and it significantly resulted to an improved blood circulation in the heart. It also contains a lot of antioxidants which lowers bad cholesterol level on the blood. Given these facts, it is still advised to have a variation on our diets. And since pomegranate is a bit expensive, you may buy apples instead.


Red Wine

Resveratrol is a polyphenol that is said to lower a person’s risk of heart disease. Many says that a small amount of red wine is good for the heart. But remember that too much alcohol in a day may increase your risk. Drink red wine in moderation. Others also suggest to choose other food that also contains Resveratrol to keep you from having too much alcohol. You may get grapes or peanut butter as a substitute.

red wine 


If you talk about tomatoes, the first thing that comes into your mind is Lycopene. Yes, tomatoes is very rich in Lycopene. It is an antioxidant that lowers bad cholesterol while decreases a person’s risk of having a heart attack by keeping the blood vessels open. Tomatoes also contain a high amount of potassium which is a heart- healthy component. In the US, the number of families who consumes tomatoes in a day is rising and it is a very good thing.



Add yogurt or any low-fat or fat-free milk on your shopping list. Yogurt is rich in potassium which makes it best for your gum health. Many researchers recommends eating yogurt to maintain a healthy oral health. Aside from that, yogurt is best in lowering blood pressure. It contain a little amount of cholesterol only or nothing at all. So, it does not give you the risk of getting any heart disease.


Given the large number of persons with heart disease and the number of deaths due to these diseases, it is very important to always stay in shape especially, our heart. Choose wisely when it comes to your food preferences. A food choice today might be a problem tomorrow.

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