Health Benefits of Proper Body Posture

Body posture refers to the upright body position that you hold against gravity (standing, sitting, and lying). A posture is considered good or correct if it results with the least strains to the muscle and ligaments that supports your every movement and activities that involves amount of weight.

When we were younger, it was very easy to put our body into a straight, upright position. But with the present popularity of technology, we tend to neglect the need to maintain a good body posture. Although slouching feels very good especially when we are watching TV, surfing the internet, or having fun with Netflix, with the reasons listed below, we hope that you can break your habit of slouching and practice and maintain correct body posture.

proper posture


Promotes Burning of More Pounds

To maintain a good posture, we appear more respectable and good looking. But beyond the physical appearance, we can actually lose weight just by maintaining a good body posture. When you are in a good body posture, your body’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) will increase which makes you lose more calories even if you are not working out. Also, practicing good posture will allow your core muscles to be used and working. It is said that you may lose about 10 pounds even by maintaining the proper alignment of your body, may it be sitting, lying, or standing.

fat burning


Improved Muscular Strength

The proper bod posture is through keeping your back straight, butt out, and head up. Keeping it on that position most of the time will allow your muscles to return to that position from your comfortable slouching posture. While putting your body in a good body posture, the muscles on your abdomen, back, and part of your pelvic region are being used up. If you practice it most of the time, those muscles will be strengthened and will be toned after some time. Your fats on the back will most likely be decreased. Moreover, it can also diminish your risk in having a severe backaches, disc slipping, poor blood circulation, chest pressure, and scoliosis.

muscle strength


Increase in Calorie Consumption

In addition to the two reasons stated above, the use of muscles will result to more calorie consumption of the body. With proper body posture will also result to muscle development and more energy is being used by the body. These will add to the number of burned calories in a day that affects your body calories and possible pounds lost.



Enhanced Proper Breathing

Breathing properly will result to better physical and emotional state or a person. It also increases the body’s metabolism rate. Good body posture enhances proper breathing due to the fact that our lungs and the muscles needed for proper respiration can be used properly. If you are slouching, most of the muscles are strained or can be used at its normal level. But when you can maintain a good body posture, you will have those muscles back and can be used enough for the right activities. You can also then expand your lungs and breathe properly thus results to the great things, including good emotional status which keeps us more optimistic with our life.



Those are some of the reasons why we should practice and maintain a good body posture. Good body posture does not only point to standing only but also your lying position and sitting position. Remember that there is a correct way of standing up, sitting straight on your chair, and lying on your bed. Let us promote good health and proper posture.

There is a big difference between those who are used to a slouching position and those who stand up straight. At one glace, you might say that person who slouch have less confidence, less intelligent, and less mature that those who don’t.

To achieve a good posture is not an easy task. Everyone has different bodily habits that are quite hard to change. But the best thing you can do is to stand on both of your feet, feeling your weight flows, with your shoulders not hunched forward nor too pulled backward. You should feel tall and your knee joints are free not locked. You can take dance classes, yoga classes, or other activities that can help you bring back your proper posture and where there is an instructor that can help and teach you how to do it right.

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