How to Go Out For a Run the Right Way

Almost everybody knows that going out for a run is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and stay in shape. That said, there are a number of people who say that running or jogging is not really all that effective or that it is just not enjoyable and is just a step short of torture for the lungs. The key to running really boils down to having both discipline and the right amount of knowledge about how to go about running to lose weight. When following the right timing and the right methods, running may not only be very effective, but also fun. Here are a couple of ways to do some high level running.


Choose the right venue

Choosing where to go for a run is just as much like choosing a battleground. If the chosen place to do it in is not suited for the kind of running or jogging that one needs, it is sure to be ineffective and at times, perilous. Going to run in a leveled park with concrete runway is better than running in a campsite sort of park, with lots of twigs and rocks where one can trip and injure one’s self. The best place to go for a run would be in ovals for track and field as the running surface is rubberized and thus, so much easier on the feet. If not, the pavement or concrete sidewalk would be the next best option.


Do some stretching

Though some people say that stretching may prove to be bad for the body as it could predispose the body for injury, it is still really necessary to condition the body a bit before going for a run. Since it is a very strenuous task, it should not be done immediately. A bit of warm up and a little stretching goes a long way in helping avoid unnecessary pain for the body. A bit of stretching can also help in keeping the joints ready for some heavy sprinting.


Go with Sprinting

When on the field and deciding the speed and the type of running or jogging, it is best to go with a bit of combination of both leaning towards sprinting. Sprinting is a great way to lose a lot of calories in such a short amount of time. It helps also in developing one’s stamina. It is estimated that the amount of calories burned in sprinting is about four times that of normal jogging or brisk-walking. This is why for a bulk of one’s exercise duration, sprinting should be done. With this, a lot of calories can be burned without spending the whole morning or evening jogging. It has been found out that with proper training and timing, one only needs to go on a run for about twenty minutes for it to both effectively burn fat and effectively save time.


Start with a slow to regular jog

It is obvious that going on a full-blown sprint at the get-go would be quite harmful and just downright counter-intuitive. Instead, it is highly encouraged to start with a warm-up jog to condition the body for the heavy running that is about to take place. Going for a jog of normal pace and speed for about five minutes is recommended before doing some serious running. Doing a warm up jog also helps in getting used to the environment and giving the feet a chance to get used to the shoes and the terrain. It also gives the runner a boost in circulation needed for the sprints.


Go on a full-on sprint

After the five minute jog, the sprint should be done. It is needless to say that the form is important, but when going for the full on sprint, it can be considerable to forget form for a while and just focus on speed and acceleration. The burst in movement gives the body and the heart a lot to work with, ending up with a lot of calories to burn.


Never forgetting Rest

It goes without saying that human beings only have a finite amount of stamina in them. It would be very important to pace one’s self when going on sprints. A lot of trainers would really recommend intervals of forty second sprinting followed by twenty seconds of normal jog. After that would be a cool down jog before stopping. Though there are many different trainers promoting different numbers, the run really just depends on the runner.

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