Making Food as Medicine of the Body

Food is very important in order for us to survive. It is an essential need for our day to day living. Food is needed by our body everyday so we must take this in order for us to effectively achieve and do our entire task daily. Without food our body will become weak for it gives the nourishment our body requires and serves as a fuel. However, as we age and become older, we have a choice to eat less or eat more food base on what each and every one of us basically needs. Deprivation or excess intake will cause certain problems.

This is mainly due to a fact that every person is eating the wrong amount and wrong food. Furthermore, in this article, you will learn a lot more on basically how to rightfully use certain foods in order to prevent and cure some of the health problems we face nowadays. Below are some basic simplified principles but are comprehensive ones regarding on what foods to eat in order to help our body prevent damage and/or heal.

Eat in harmony with your genetic programming

The way our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate: It is hard to conform on a strict diet like the Paleo diet but rather easy when you follow only the guidelines that it suggest. Try to imagine a diet that is plant- based composed of whole foods and with a little amount of processed foods. Just add some sugar if you want. This is just ideally eating a few grains (because most people can’t tolerate other grains or what at all); no dairy or just a little of it; add some cold water salmon fish, sardines or mackerel, either which animal product you prefer to be eat; and some fiber which is good for your intestines (some of us consume 15 grams of it per day while our ancestors ate 100 grams of it on a daily basis).

Use foods rather than supplements to treat and prevent chronic illness.

Use foods rather than supplements to treat and prevent chronic illness: The whole foods we consume contain a lot of substances that are best for our body. These substances work synergistically. Actually, these are also considered to be far effective than most of the supplements that are commercially made which only deliver a single substance in one dose. Think of this, why do you need to take an antioxidant such as the lycopene in a tablet or pill form when you absolutely can take the same powerful antioxidant by eating just a single tomato that also contains not only lycopene but also some other few antioxidants plus a lot of vitamins, minerals, as well as some other nutrients which then work together in many ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases by decreasing the cholesterol level, lipid level, and stop the abnormal clotting of blood.

Understand that we are all biochemically unique.

Understand that we are all, as the pioneering biochemist Roger Williams pointed out 50 years ago, biochemically unique: We can have the same ethnicity and same age, the same health status and the same income but you actually may use a hundred times of B6 as other people or may need a lot of Zinc compared to other people. Sometimes, we also need the nutritional and professional oriented opinions of certain people like the dieticians, nutritionists, or physicians in order to do sophisticated and specific tests which determine the nutritional requirements and deficiencies.

Combine your nutritional plan with a program to reduce stress and raise awareness about how as well as what we eat.

Combine your nutritional plan with a program to reduce stress and raise awareness about how as well as what we eat: Stress greatly affects and inhibits harmful effect on every aspect on the functioning of the digestive system as well as with the use of nutrients efficiently. Those people who are stressed out can’t make an effective natural use of most of every healthy diet. To learn to eat mindfully and slowly can surely increase the enjoyment on every meal we eat. This practice can also aid in reducing the amount of food you take in and also help make the food choices which is better for us. While most of the people eat every meal so fast, the body does not have the time to register the message from the stomach to signal that it is already full.


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