Massage Therapy and Physically Active Individuals

Following on from the huge success of the Olympics this summer in Rio, many people have now taken up some kind of physical exercise. Exercising believe it or not can be fun, from having a brisk walk out with a friend, or in training as part of a team or getting into shape to compete at the next Olympic games. If you are a committed athlete you will have a full training program drawn up for you which would include, having a good diet and fluid intake, and also knowing the best way to warm up before you exercise and also how to cool down afterwards. I am sure that we have all heard about how after competing most athletes will sit in a bath containing ice because it helps with their muscles, well now I have another alternative for aftercare and it can be used by everyone after they have exercised.


Guidelines have recently been released by (AMTA), The American Massage Therapy Association stating that this treatment is good for anyone who does any kind of exercise which exerts you. They are working hand in hand with the United States Government to make people aware of the very first official guidelines which their Department of Health and Human Services released in the year of 2008. In them they advised us that any activity which raised our heart rate slightly was infinitely better than doing none at all. They also advised that we should participate in some kind of sports for around just under two hours a week, of this half should be brisk walking or a running sport again enough to raise your heartbeat. It is advised that younger children up to teenage years should spend at least one hour per day exercising in a fun way which will help them to realize that exercise can be good both for their mental and physical health as they become older.

So let us imagine that I am an athlete that is following a strict training program in the hopes of representing the United States of America in the next Olympics, I need to use all the tools that are at my disposal to become the very best that I can, apart from having a healthy diet and training on a regular basis a new tool has entered the arena to help me achieve this possibility. And this new tool at my disposal is called Sporting Massage, and as any athlete will tell you having a sporting massage is more appealing than having to sit in a bath filled with ice. Using this tool has shown that my all round performance as an athlete could improve greatly, and could also help me to recover from an injury far faster than if I was not using this tool. Many professional sports people are also using this treatment, where they are hiring those who perform this service for themselves or managers hiring them to look after their whole team of football or baseball players.


So how can this massage tool help me and those who exercise just to keep fit and healthy? Data is now being published to show that by using this massage tool anyone can get the following results with it.

  • Using this tool on a regular basis can sometimes stop injuries from occurring in the first place, and help you to achieve an even greater level of performance.
  • Work on reducing any breathing pattern disorders, and reduce swelling, stiff muscles, as well as helping to reduce actual muscle tiredness after a heavy training session.
  • Helps to lower the serum called Creatine Kinase after you have completed your training, help your heart rate along with your blood pressure measurements to calm after any intense training sessions.
  • Works on those tired muscles by reducing any tension, aids your ability to relax, helps with the function of your soft tissues and allows you to keep a check on your exact muscle tone.
  • Helps to reduce any hypertonicity in your muscles, aids recovery from the transient immunosuppression level, help with shorter recovery time and maintain your best possible performance.
  • A Sporting Massage Therapist told me that, “By using Sporting Massage, it enables professional athletes particularly to stay at their peak performance for longer when results win medals.”

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