Mobile Apps that Help You Lose Weight

Mobile apps

Nowadays a man needs to be fit and for that your smartphone is the best instrument, a small, handy containing lots of apps, some of them synchronize with smartphones to keep track on body movement. Apps alone won’t help you lose weight as they can only help in monitoring data. Many of these apps let you record your food consumption and exercise, as well as calculate a daily calorie consumption target based on your age, gender, weight, and height. Statistically what you do or eat in a single day doesn’t reflect your complete progress, but it’s the healthy lifestyle that matters. Install one or more of these new generation apps that are available on most operating system, Android and IOS are no exceptions and you’ll surely see some good changes in you.

Lose It App

Lose It

Are you looking for your personal trainer but you can’t afford it? This app is for you, it measures your diet and how much calories you have taken like all others app but it’s packed with many other features. You don’t have to enter calories manually, bar code scanner is there for you; but it’s harder for home- made food, then MyFitnessPal. Loose it can also be connected to other apps like Nike+, Runkeeper and digital scales for keeping track on your fitness data quite intelligently and precisely. You can also challenge your group of friends and set goals and it really helps you to lose weight more easily. Loose it is free, but if you’re more passionate about new features, premium option worth $39.99 is there for you which includes more packed features in training, planning your meal and other relative upgrades.

Diet Assistant app

Diet Assistant

This app is available for both Android and IOs. It comes with all the features that its competitors have but the special feature is that it present you with exquisite meal options whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or anyone between these two. It will make you more dedicated towards your goal because you don’t have to eat something tasteless. Yes, you can lose weight and eat delicious meal at same time, it’s the promise of Diet Assistant. You can also navigate through their tips and tricks of being healthy and losing weight. Overall this app is packed with all the features you might require.

Fitter Fitness Calculator

Fitter Fitness Calculator

Available only for Ios. This app is like your personal trainer and keeps track of your BMR, BMI etc. Your data can be accessible through any iCloud device, because it saves your day to day data on iCloud. Statistically functions like graphs helps to easily monitor your day to day data.

Pact app

Pact App

With the Pact app, you can earn some money if you’re really committed to losing weight and being fit but if you failed to do that task, it may result in losing your money. You can set how long you want to keep the Pact and how much you’re going to risk if you missed a day goal. The money will be deducted from your account, if you skip the gym or failed to record your food for the day and that money will be given to those who successfully completed their pacts. The danger of losing money will make you more dedicated to your commitment and you can really lose some weight as well as earn some bucks. This feature makes this app special among the competitors but on the other hand it can result in eating up your money. So it’s best that you try some app that doesn’t cost you a lot, the choice is yours.

My Fitness Pal app

My Fitness Pal

The most popular app available for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iOS in app store. My Fitness pal is a website that monitors your calories consumption by entering it into an online diary. If you have a busy life and looking for something simple that can maintain your healthy weight, this app is for you.

Key features of My Fitness pal

(a) Calorie meter or counter: It’s simply an online record of calories consumed by individual My Fitness Pal members. The counter let the members to set their daily goals. It automatically saves various common meals and food that is often consumed by members, which makes it easy to navigate whenever they take that meal again.

(b) Exercise tracker: It has more than 300 exercise stored in their database and shows how much a person can burn calorie during that exercise based on the weight, height and gender of individual person.

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