Most Common Dieting Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Strategy

Everyone’s weight loss journey is different. With different bodies, it is not surprising that certain weight loss tricks work for some, and have a completely different effect on another. There are, however, some things that can impede any weight loss effects – without exception. These are usually common misconceptions attached with dieting in general, or with specific diets. Inevitably, indulging in these wrong dieting practices can sabotage your dieting plans, and ruin your weight loss strategy. Here are the top mistakes people make when they are dieting, mistakes that often cost them very dearly in terms of their weight loss goals.

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Mistake No. 1: Doing too much too soon Your diet is not a race against time. In fact, every diet is designed to work in a specific time frame, if adhered to strictly. This means, you have to follow your diet to the letter, if you are planning on benefitting from it in any way. If you are racing towards the finish line, you are in for a surprise – your speed does not count. In a bid to lose weight rapidly, you are bound to ignore the fundamental rules of your diet and eventually end up adopting unhealthy habits of eating. For instance, if your diet gives you a cheat day, which you decide to skip on, your body will begin to show cravings which you have no control over. Most diets have cheat days, just so that these cravings are kept under a strict check. Dieters who ignore these simple rules of a diet, are bound to find themselves trapped in unhealthy eating patterns, which lead to the failure of their dieting attempts. Finally, they throw in the towel because they feel that dieting simply does not work. What is worse, they make sure they tell everyone they know how bad the diet really is while leaving out the parts where they did not follow the diet strictly.

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Mistake No. 2: Skipping meals. Losing weight is all about maintaining a calorie deficit, where you expend more calories than you consume. For most people, this translates into skipping meals to reduce their caloric intake. The popular misconception, therefore, is that skipping on any meal will save them calories. Unfortunately for such people, their metabolism is not all that kind to them. Research shows that skipping any meal can interfere with healthy metabolism. When you skip meals, your body goes into the starving mode, where it begins to store calories and burn lean muscle. For the uninitiated, your lean muscle is extremely important for your weight loss goals, because this is that portion of your body that helps you burn calories even when you are at rest. So what ultimately happens is that your calorie burning lean muscle is destroyed when you skip meals, while your fat remains intact. All in all, it is totally your loss. To avoid such a diet catastrophe, dietitians encourage weight watchers to consume at least three meals a day. In fact, to keep your metabolism at the top, most diets recommend consumption of five to six small meals spaced throughout the day.

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Mistake No. 3: Too many calories in liquid form. When you are attempting to lose weight, you have to be careful about everything you put in your mouth. Only watching your solid diet, does not cut it. In fact, you have to also limit any calories that you intake in the liquid form. Calories from soft drinks, teas, coffee, alcohol and sweetened juices count towards your total caloric intake, and contribute towards keeping you fat. So if you are staying away from the fried foods, but are bingeing on soda, your diet becomes completely redundant. A recent study suggests that Americans receive about 21% of their total caloric intake from liquids. A cup of unsweetened lemon tea, or green tea, or a decaff without cream and sugar, or simply a glass of chilled water, would serve your weight loss goals much better. In addition, when you are drinking these beverages, you are also cutting down your appetite, preventing yourself from overeating. Lighter or diet drink options are also much healthier. So next time you are on a diet, skip the beer, or the wine, and hold your hand out for a cup of green tea, which not only refreshes you, but also helps you lose that stubborn fat.

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Mistake No. 4: Uncontrolled portion sizes. The biggest mistake you can make with your diet is to not control your portion sizes. If you are following a diet that recommends six meals through the day, eating oversized portions for each meal is only going to sabotage your diet results. If you have gotten used to the oversized portions at restaurants, it is time for a reality check. It is because of eating this much, and stuffing yourself with unwanted calories, that you have reached a point where you have to consider weight loss. The best thing is to figure out a way you can control your appetite. Fortunately, the best thing about your appetite is that you can train it. Use a smaller plate, and your body will still be fully satiated after you go through all its contents. You could also try to leave a few bites uneaten on your plate, just to make sure you are limiting your intake. The best would be, if you could find a way to limit your portion sizes without having to waste any food.


Mistake No. 5: Add ons that are not required. If you are eating a garden salad, do you really need a heap of mayonnaise to go with it? You would be totally ruining your salad with those extra dollops of sour cream too. Agreed, grilled chicken and salads are better than batter fried onion rings or country fried chicken, but they won’t remain so good if you continue to eat these with unhealthy add ons such as mayonnaise and heavy cream. If you are not sure what to use as condiments and accompaniments, it is best that you skip them altogether. If you would rather not skip them, find healthier alternatives. A spiced hung yogurt dip, or a vinaigrette dressing would make your foot tasty, while still keeping it low calorie. It would also be in tune with your weight loss goals, and will help you maintain that calorie deficit you have been eyeing. So Diet Away Research shows that almost 70% weight loss goals can be achieved through active dieting and conscious food choices. If you are keen on losing some weight with just your dieting efforts, we recommend that you avoid making these glaring weight loss mistakes. Stick to the rules of your diet, and you will see slow and steady changes – both in your health and in the way you look.

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