Pros And Cons Of Cutting Off Dairy Product On Your Diet

Are you planning to cut off dairy products on your daily meal plan? Or were you doing it already? Is there any change that seems to be happening on your body and health? Well, here are the most common science-based effects from avoiding milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, and other dairy foods from your diet.

dairy products


Vibrant Skin

vibrant skin

A more vibrant and clearer skin is expected from getting out from dairy products.  Based from a study of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the high glycemic index of milk results to skin conditions and there is absolutely a clear relationship between acne and our diet.

Bloat-free Stomach

There are several people who aside from those diagnosed with lactose intolerance are still having the condition. Many of them experience bloating, which is a common effect of the consumption of the milk sugar (lactose), is not aware of the main reason. But if you are experiencing the same stomach bloating after consuming milk or any other dairy product, eliminating them from your meal plan is a good idea. Try it and you will observe that there is a significant change in your stomach.

Longer Life

long life

A research last 2014 published at British Medical Journal says that if you go dairy- free diet, your life span is longer. There are several studies have proven that women who takes at least 3 glasses of milk in a day will have a shorter life span than those who don’t.


Poor Health of the Bone


Milk and other dairy products are a good source of calcium and vitamin D. These two are responsible for our bone strength and health. If you cut off dairy products from your diet, most probably you will have a poor bone health which is usually observed by weaker bones. You will have a higher risk of having osteoporosis and getting a fractured bone.

Muscle Strength is decreased

muscle strength

Have you ever wonder and tried searching over the internet about whey and casein? If you are into workout and body building, you can always encounter them. Whey and Casein are two type of protein that are responsible to fight body soreness you get from working out and promotes growth of your muscles. Many athletes are taking foods and supplements that are rich in whey and casein. They are proven to give them an improved and better agility, power, and strength.

Poor Gut Health

Gut health

Gut or Gastro-Intestinal Tract is the one responsible for the digestion and transfer of food and nutrients in our body. When we avoid dairy product in our diet, according to a scientific research, this may lead to a poor gut health. Dairy product are proven to increase the absorption and effectiveness of the probiotics in our body. Probiotics are the good bacteria present in our digestive tract that aids in fighting the bad bacteria that causes us to have a disease.

Prone to Diabetes Mellitus Type (DM) 2


There is a clinical study that showed the relationship between diabetes mellitus (DM) 2 and cheese and yogurt consumption. It says that if you take more cheese and yogurt then you will have a lesser chance of having diabetes mellitus (DM) 2. In case you have a familial history of Diabetes, it is not a good plan to have a dairy- free diet today, tomorrow, or in the near future.

To know the positive and negative effects first before totally exercising your plan to go dairy-free is one of the best idea! There are several factors that you need to consider and you have to weigh things first before you make the big decision. Chances are, your own health might suffer. It is recommended that you consult to a doctor, a nutritionist, or dietitian to be sure.

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