Quick and Easy Pilates Moves for Core Workout

Pilates workout can be a way to develop slowly and tone up your core. The good thing about Pilates workout is that it can be applicable for everyone at any level. Pilates workout is consists of 600 exercises and all of the exercises have variations and modifications. In Pilates you only need a mat to be able to work things out. Here are easy Pilate movements that don’t require the use of any gears and very simple so you can try it almost anywhere and anytime. In Pilates, you will find yourself more than strengthening your core.

Pilates workout is a type of exercise that includes the movement of your whole body so you will see how every part of your body is being targeted. If you have not been working on your abs lately for sure you can still work on these movements with some few modifications. In my point of view, feeling out of their body shape for newbies is a great motivation to start up because it can aid in building strength for base. Always remember that in this workout, your personal level is the sole basis of everything. Try on the following simple moves and star today.

The “100”

This is the core incorporated on each of the Pilates practice. It is designed in order to pump blood to the whole body and start as a warm up. If you cannot make it up to the very end of “the 100”, you can take it slowly instead and make it “50”. You have to inhale on the first five counts then exhale for the other five counts. Do this again and again for five times. Focus on your abdominals, on how it engages and breathes.

How to:

Both legs put it on your chest, hold your legs then bend your head and your chest is tightened up.

(a) put your legs out like a tabletop position and your knees are positions directly on your hips (above) while your shins should be parallel to the floor. Hold your thighs behind then curl up. Deepen and hollow out the abs.

(b) Drift your arms and put it on your abdomen imagining the abdominal wall then start pumping your arms for 6-8 inches from up to down. Next is to take deep a breath then inhale in 5 counts while you exhale on the next 5 counts after.

(c)Repeat this for 10 times. Do not take a break. Then rest the head parallel to the floor. Do not curl up if the movements are difficult.

Rolling Like a Ball

Do not take everything seriously. This workout is a playful movement and actually an easy way to massage your back muscles simultaneously while working on your abs as well. This workout is recommended to beginners since the shape of your spine is rounded, this exercise can aid on how to effectively and properly engage your core muscles as well as challenging it towards hard work.

How to:

Assume a seating position. Bend your knees and point your feet on the ground with your toes barely touching the ground.

(a) hold on to each of your thighs at the back using each of your hand. Lift your legs higher and upward. Keep your knees aligned with your shoulders then lower the head in between both of your knees.

(b) try to inhale and then exhale to deepen your abs. Practice your balance counting two breaths consecutively.

(c) Rock on back forward on your shoulder and never to your neck or head and next is rock back up while you try to find your balance. Repeat thus exercise five times

Single-Leg Circles

Keep your abs totally engaged on this simple exercise sequence even if you are trying to move your legs on this. If you want to bend your knee on the side of that circling leg, yes you can go and try it for it is better to bend your leg than watch your hip being lifted up and not in the right place. Additional tip is that for the beginners, bend the non- circling side of the leg as to not keep it staying flat and laying on the floor. This can help you align the hips and keep your core to stay engaged.


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