Sure Ways to Get Rid Of Muffin Tops

There is only a few things to have on one’s body that can be as destructive to the body image as a muffin top. For those who are not up to date with the lingo, a muffin top is the fat on the belly and the lower torso that ends up piling on top of the pants, hence giving the resemblance of the top part of the muffin. Muffin tops are really very terrible things as they not only give that fat look but can also make pants really hard to wear and can even expose the butt crack whenever one needs to sit down or just simply bend over for a bit. Muffin tops don’t really have to be a permanent sentence though. People could really do away with them with just a little bit of will power and discipline and some know-how. Here are a few things that one needs to know when trying to get rid of those scary muffin tops.


Where 70% of the effort should be

Just like with anything concerned with fitness and getting fit and losing some weight, it burns down to one thing: disciplined focus. When one is disciplined enough, there are not really a lot of things that can get in the way of achieving goals. In the goal of getting rid of hideous belly fat that just seem to never go away, it is important to know which areas to concentrate on. It is no secret that in keeping fit and losing weight, exercise and diet is key. But how does one go about designing the exercise and diet ratio in terms of focus? Well, leading studies point to diet being more impact than just pure exercise. Focusing roughly 70% of the effort on proper diet is a sure way to get rid of muffin tops properly and quickly.


What to cut when cutting

When doing the proper diet for losing a muffin top, it is best to cut out fattening things from the body. In such cases, carbs and calories should be the first to go. Eating less carbs is something that a lot of trainers really emphasize on since when trying to lose weight, it is encouraged to do a lot more exercise while eating a lot less calories and complex carbohydrates. Some people may ask why this is the case since carbs are sort of synonymous with energy, the answer is quite simple. Fat is a concentrated form of energy that can be utilized by the body in times of need.


Focusing on the nearest muscle groups

Getting rid of a muffin top is not only about losing the fat that surrounds the pants. It is also about replacing that large amount of fat with muscle. In doing this, it is always prudent to develop the core, particularly the abs. Training the core helps give the body a proper tone and also promotes the faster elimination of the fats in the area. By doing a lot of abdominal as well as lower back exercise, one can really look forward to saying goodbye to those pesky muffin tops.

The rest needed

Of Course, it is not really all about workouts and dieting when it comes to losing weight and I particular. Losing a muffin top. One really needs to remember that resting is an essential component in doing away with fats. A consistent and adequate sleeping schedule is one key requirement for great overall health. Being too stressed or staying up way too late at night will cause serious repercussions about the body. By resting adequately, muscles will have a chance to repair and build themselves to become stronger and bigger. Also, by being awake in sleeping hours, the body has an increased predisposition to add on more weight, especially to the abdominal area.

Consistency is key

Like with all endeavors, the key to getting rid of pesky muffin tops is consistency. Being consistent and clear with one’s goals is a great way to keep one motivated to go the extra mile to lose weight. With a lot of dedication and discipline, consistency will be a habit that can easily be formed. Muffin tops would no longer need to

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