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Brianna Dugas, (location unknown)


“I work as a waitress in a busy restaurant in the business district of a large town. Spending hours on my feet serving fussy customers often means I am too exhausted at the end of the day to take the exercise necessary to keep myself healthy. Further, gorging on cheap leftovers at the restaurant after closing time means that I am carrying around a few extra pounds. One of my coworkers has been having the same problem and in addition, has to take care of her one year old baby and attend night classes after work. A couple of months ago, I noticed that her waitressing uniform wasn’t fitting as snugly around her waist as it did on mine even though we had not been issued with new outfits. She shared a few capsules of Verified Forskolin with me and I was hooked! I lost seventeen pounds in two months, AND now I have tireless energy that easily gets me through tough days (almost every day is a tough one when you are a waitress lol).”

Jennifer J. Watson, Grand Rapids, Michigan.


“When I heard that forskolin was called ‘lightening in a bottle’ due to its fast weight loss benefits, I decided to investigate the claims for myself. Ever since I had baby number two, taking a brisk walk, going up the stairs and even toting around the latest addition to the family is increasingly leaving me out of breath. I had changed my diet and incorporated more exercise but was still getting nowhere as far as weight loss was concerned. That’s when a friend, who had been battling weight gain herself, and who suddenly seemed to shrink to her desired weight overnight, introduced me to Forskolin. As soon as I started taking the supplements, my energy levels increased tremendously and not only was I able to finish my workouts, but I had enough energy to run to take care of my six month old, run after an active two year old and still have enough reserves to complete daily work and household tasks. In addition, I lost 5 pounds in the first two weeks and am poised to lose the remaining fifteen if I continue at this rate. In just two weeks, verified forskolin supplements have helped me to shift pounds that have been stubbornly sticking to my frame for the last six months. I would recommend it to anyone battling a weight problem.”

Mary K., location unknown


“This year I have decided to incorporate more natural products into my lifestyle in order to detoxify and return my body’s system to optimal levels. I needed to lose some weight as well so my sister recommended Forskolin which she has been using to keep her weight levels down for over a year now. I am very sensitive to caffeine so other natural supplements like green tea and guarana wreck havoc on my system giving me headaches, upsetting my stomach and resulting in day long feelings of nausea. I am happy to say that since I started taking Forskolin, I have been able to keep my energy levels up and my body fat down without experiencing any of the side effects associated with other energy enhancing supplements that contain caffeine.”

Mark Rice, Carmel, Indiana

“I was a bit skeptical when I was first introduced to Forskolin supplements by my brother in law who used them to lose weight before trying out for the army. As a former marine myself, I have been gaining weight and getting out of shape due to a very sedentary office job and knocking back a few too many beers after work. After getting a few incredulous stares at the beach for walking shirtless while toting around what was clearly a five-beers-a-day pot belly, I was nearly at the end of my rope before trying Forskolin. Not only is the beer belly gone but my weight loss has encouraged me to join the gym and train for the local bodybuilding championships.”

Lauren Hendricks, Brooklyn, New York


“The Flyover states are notorious for unhealthy food options including high fat cheeses, processed meats such as spam, pork barbecues and other high fat and highly salted foods. When I moved from New York to work as a voluntary teacher in Denison, Iowa, my weight quickly ballooned to 200 pounds due to the availability of these cheap food options and I found myself wondering who that fat lady in the store window was every time I walked past a clothing store back in New York. It was my mother who gave me the first bottle of Verified Forskolin after hearing me grunting and puffing yet again as I tried to get into yet another ‘skinny’ pair of plus size jeans. As soon as I took two pills prescribed on the bottle, my energy levels skyrocketed and not only did I have more energy than I had had since I left Iowa, my appetite was regulated and I had fewer cravings for fatty and salty foods. I have lost 15 pounds in the last 4 weeks and am looking forward to reaching my goal weight soon.”

Anna Smith, Plano, Texas

“I have been battling Candida for several years and one of the most severe symptoms of this condition is extreme fatigue which makes it difficult to take part in strenuous activities like exercise which I needed to do since I was about 50 pounds overweight. My doctor recommended Forskolin supplements along with probiotics as part of my anti Candida and weight loss plan. My energy levels have improved greatly, my Candida is slowly fading and I am losing weight successfully as a result.”

Jeannine Oakley, Jackson, Wyoming

“I have been taking two tablets of verified forskolin each morning for the last one month. The first thing I have noticed is that my internal body temperature seems to have increased. I live in a relatively cold area so feeling warm is a constant challenge. I have previously only experienced such temperature rises after vigorous exercise which tells me that something good must be going on when I take Forskolin. Even though I have not had any weight loss yet, mainly due to my indulgence in chocolatey baked goods, I know that once I cut out these high sugar and high fat foods out of my diet, I will definitely begin to see the results I desire.”

Christina Herridge, Tucson, Arizona

“I have had bad experiences with weight loss supplements before. One supplement that I took led to my having heart palpitations and fainting spells due to hunger. Further, I was always weak and any weight I lost came back as soon as I stopped taking the supplements. I was therefore quite cynical when a friend told me that she had used Forskolin to lose weight for her wedding and had not experienced any side effects. I am due to be married in the next six months myself and have been exercising at the gym and denying myself many delicious foods in order to fit into my size 8 mermaid gown. I started my diet and exercise program a year ago but so far have only lost 20 pounds. With six months to go and over 30 pounds to lose, I needed something to facilitate faster weight loss. I bought a 3 month supply of supplements, have lost 15 pounds so far and the rest as they say, is history.”

Taylor Jones, Franklin Tennessee

“My appetite is down, my energy is up. I can actually walk past the pastry cart at work without feeling the need to grab all the donuts and apple Danishes before anyone else notices them. My employer has this misguided idea that pumping her employees full of sugar and caffeine will keep us happy and content while at the same time giving us the energy to perform our work tasks. All it has done is create sugar addicts and coffee zombies who cannot operate without their daily fix. My new year’s resolution has been to lose weight and cut out the baddies such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine without too many withdrawal symptoms. Forskolin has helped me kick these habits, lose weight and get renewed energy levels without experiencing any side effects at all.”

Myra Williams, location unknown

“This year I have decided to incorporate more natural products into my lifestyle in order to detoxify and return my body’s system to optimal levels. I needed to lose some weight as well so my sister recommended Forskolin which she has been using to keep her weight levels down for over a year now. I am very sensitive to caffeine so other natural supplements like green tea and guarana wreck havoc on my system giving me headaches, upsetting my stomach and resulting in day long feelings of nausea. I am happy to say that since I started taking Forskolin, I have been able to keep my energy levels up and my body fat down without experiencing any of the side effects associated with other energy enhancing supplements that contain caffeine.”

Emma Henderson, Boca Raton, Florida

“I lost my job two years ago and spiraled down into a severe depression. Long hours spent indoors wolfing down ice-cream and fried chicken as I bemoaned my new unemployment status resulted in a 40 pound weight gain in slightly over a year and a half. I did finally manage to locate another job but had trouble walking the two miles to work due to the extra pounds I have to lug around. I did some research on the internet and decided to purchase Forskolin weight loss supplements due to the many benefits touted by both users and health professionals. I have begun to enjoy a few of the benefits. Increased energy on my daily walk to work, reduced appetite and a weight loss of 2 pounds so far. In addition, my asthma seems to be improving and I do not need to use my inhaler as much.”

Brad Nelson, Atlanta, Georgia

“I am a vegetarian and have been looking for an animal product free supplement to aid with my weight loss. I was also looking for a product that increases energy, suppresses hunger and contains natural sources of caffeine. Further, I did not want something that would require me to take pills during the day since my job requires me to concentrate for long periods of time while seated in the same position for hours. The brand I chose only requires me to take 2 capsules in the morning, is vegan, non GMO and does not contain products with gluten or soy and therefore meets my requirements perfectly. It gives me a nice energy boost, improves my concentration and I am less bloated than I used to be. I have not lost any weight yet but since it’s only been two weeks, I expect I will begin to see some weight loss over a longer period.”

Sarah Newland, Wilmington, North Carolina

“My mother needed to lose some weight after overindulging from thanksgiving to Christmas last year. Heavy and rich sauces, sweet desserts and the usual holiday wines had left her feeling bloated and led to gaining five pounds in 3 months. She has high blood pressure and was looking for a product that would also help her to manage these levels. My aunt has recently lost some weight and recommended Forskolin. Mom is now three pounds away from her goal weight and whatsmore, her blood pressure is under control. I might sneak a few capsules myself and see how they work for me.”

Jana Lewis, Racine, Wisconsin

“I have tried many diet plans over the years. Lost some pounds, gained others and generally managed to keep within 20 pounds of my ideal weight. Having a baby last year changed all that. All of a sudden, I cannot seem to lose the extra 45 pounds I gained while I was pregnant. I am a working mother so I do not have time for elaborate plans that require me to count calories, journal what I ate, record the number of steps I walked etc. I Googled best weight loss supplements and the search results brought up Forskolin and Garcinia Cambodia. I bought the Verified Forskolin first because it is available at my local health store. I am happy to report that I have lost 6 pounds in one month and finally have the energy to take care of a young baby, and perform my duties as a court stenographer effectively without feeling exhausted at the end of the day.”

Frank Rice, Tacoma, Washington

“I bought this supplement after Dr Oz mentioned its great benefits on his show. I am a regular gym goer who loves to hit the weights. This, in addition to my job as mechanic at an auto shop often means that I literally collapse into bed at the end of the day. I am a dad of three active boys and felt that being exhausted after work and gym was causing me to miss out on quality time with my boys. A co-worker suggested Forskolin and I can honestly say that after taking them, I am the most energized I have been in years. Further, I am writing this after putting to bed three exhausted youngsters who were unable to keep up with their old dad at a basketball game on the front yard.”

Laura Biggins, Dayton, Ohio

“I purchased this online for my husband after he began to complain that his job was taking too much out of him. He runs a landscaping company and often assists the gardeners under him to shift earth, plant flowers trees and other plants, construct fences and buildings and many other garden structures. Since he was a loans officer in his previous life and has yet to adjust to hard physical labor, these activities are leaving him exhausted at the end of the day. He finished his last bottle of Forskolin last week and is already begging me to buy another one.”

Kristen, 30, New York

“I have a 92-year old grandma. Everyone might be surprised about it. I love her to pieces, that is why I would do everything just to keep her healthy. Last year, she was hospitalized due to her diabetes. I was so worried to death that I researched about natural products that could help her maintain a healthy body. And then I came across forskolin online. I read some customer reviews and I found out that most of the people who have used the product were able to see positive results and improvement on their health.

I ordered forskolin extract syrup online. I told my grandmother to take 1 tablespoon of forskolin before each meal, of course, it was based on the label instruction. After about a month of taking it, my grandma told me that she started to feel healthier. We went to the doctor the next day and her doctor told us that my grandma had a healthy blood sugar levels. I owe it to forskolin. Until today, my grandma always makes sure she takes forskolin everyday.”

Steve, 40, Dallas

“The last time I tried a weight loss product, I was disappointed. But when I tried forskolin, I asked myself why I did not find this product before. It was not yet too late, of course. During my early 30s, I started to gain weight and I was so worried and upset at the same time. I started to lose confidence. Good thing, a great friend recommended it to me. She said, researchers have found out that forskolin extract could help people shed extra pounds because of its special ingredients, such as fructoligosaccharide (FOS). I tried it and over the past weeks, I lost about 2 pounds. I was blown away.”

Tom, 41, Austin

“I used to be so worried about eating a lot before. Whenever I do so, I could not get better sleep because I would always feel bloated. It was before I used forskolin extract. Right now, whenever I eat a lot specifically during occasions and parties, I know forskolin syrup is something I could rely on. I read reviews online saying that this particular product promotes better digestion and healthier digestive system. I was kinda hesitant at first because I was not sure it would work for me. But it did, which is something I am really thankful for.”

Simund, 29, Baltimore

“I have been living a vegan lifestyle since I was 20 years old. This is something I want to live with for the rest of my life. Since I am so conscious about what I eat, I always look for food options that are healthy and vegan. I do not want to opt for honey as a sweetener, so I looked for a healthier and better alternative. Then, I found forskolin extract. Whenever I make a cup of coffee in the morning or evening, I use it as a sweetener. It tastes great, actually. I love the fact that it is healthy, beneficial, and vegan.”

Charles, 46, Portland

“I stayed in Europe for about a year. I own and run a business in Malta Island. Whenever I have time, I fly back home in Portland and spend time with my family. However, my wife told me that I was gaining a lot of weight. It did not alarm me or whatsoever, but as time went by, I did not feel healthy at all. Sometimes, I would walk around the neighborhood and feel very tired the moment I come home. I started to think it was because I was gaining so much weight. I asked my wife if she could recommend a solution to my problem and she said I should try forskolin extract supplements. I laughed at the idea, however, I was certain I needed to shed extra pounds. I started taking the supplement before each meal everyday. To my surprise, I lost about 4 pounds in a matter of 6 weeks. Believe me, I love this product so much.”

Zoe, 38, San Francisco

“I gave birth to my second child two years ago. During pregnancy, I was kinda worried that I would gain weight the moment I give birth. Just as I expected, I gained about 4 pounds and due to my age, I kinda felt I could not lose weight easily. It somehow affected my self-esteem. I told my husband I needed to find a way to solve my problem. Until one day, I came across forskolin extract. A friend introduced it to me. She said she heard about its health and weight loss benefits. I needed to try my luck and so I did. I was so happy with the results because I shed about 2 pounds in just a matter of weeks. My husband is so happy too!”

Gary, 43, Detroit

“I looked really great during my early 20s, but I gained weight when I reached the age of 30. My wife knows how I tried a lot of work out routines and diets just to lose extra pounds. However, I was just disappointed with the results. I told myself I needed to search for a solution that could give me long term benefits. Thank God I found forskolin extract. This product is a miracle. When Dr. Oz featured it on his show, I was more eager to use it. I have been taking forskolin and various supplements for about 6 months now. I already lost 6 pounds.”

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