The Best Foods That Increase Mental Performance

Brain foods are foods that we take in in order to increase or rather enhance mental capability and performance.  There are several studies today that links nutrients and mental health. That is why it is very important that personally, we eat healthy and of course, we should eat right. Eat the right amount and eat right kind of food.


Beets are found out to have high content of natural nitrate according to a study by Wake Forest University Scientists. These natural nitrates found in beets can boost mental performance by regulating and increasing the blood that flows going to the brain. Beets are best served when roasted and sprinkled with the right amount of dressing, especially honey.



Coffee contains caffeine which is found out to improve our mental acuity. Caffeine also enhances our mental alertness. In addition to its caffeine’s benefits, it has antioxidant that maintains the health of our brain. Studies shows that coffee decreases number of depressed women. But we should always remember that we should not take too much coffee because excessive coffee intake develops tolerance and worse, it decreases the blood flow in the brain which may result to a decline in mental status.

cup of coffee

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates is a heart healthy food as we all know. It also contains antioxidant that makes our body healthier and another type of antioxidant called Flavonoids which improves blood flow. Improved blood flow thus result to regulated blood circulation to the brain which then results to a healthy brain status. And it also regulates the body’s blood pressure and cholesterol. Aside from the antioxidant content, its caffeine content also help in boosting mental health by enhancing mental acuity.

dark chocolate


Our body contains 75 % water. The brain also has water components. If dehydration occurs, the cells of the brain shrinks thus makes the mental capability decreases. It may also cause short term memory loss and it affects a person’s decision making and focus. So drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Don’t wait to try having those side effects especially if you are going into an important exam or meeting.

glass of water


American Journal of Epidemiology and Tuft University’s scientists in Boston found out and suggests to eat nuts to improve our mental performance. Nuts, specifically walnuts, contains a lot of Vitamin E which counteracts the decline of our cognitive status especially the elderlies. Aside from nuts, other foods that are good source of Vitamin E are asparagus, seeds, olives, whole grains, green vegetables, brown rice, and eggs. If you are about to study for your upcoming exam, you now know what’s the best food to be on the side of your study table.



Sardines contains omega -3, DHA, and EPA which are known to boost memory and focus. These three are also found out to be helpful in decreasing a person’s risk of having dementia. So remember to always include on your lunch box your sardine sandwich especially if you’re about present an important matter on the boardroom and surely you’ll excel.



Avocado is a superfood and also a brain food. Aside from high antioxidant content, it has a lot of monounsaturated fats which helps primarily in maintaining and improving blood flow and vascular health.



According to studies in Harvard and Tuft, women who have eaten more amount of green and leafy vegetables like spinach are less likely or slower to experience decline in cognition. Spinach contains lutein, an antioxidant, which is a protective substance against decline of cognition. If Popeye eats spinach and get stronger, well, studies shows it strengthens mental health as well.


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