The Untold Benefits We Get From Sleep

Health, body, food, exercise, rest, and sleep are all interconnected parts of life. To be able to live long and productive, you should have enough all of them. It give us the things we can’t easily explain but interestingly help us do the things we need to get done every day. For example, sleep, even without knowing how it works, we know exactly that we really need to have a good sleep. We know that a day without sleep makes us terrible. Though adequate sleep surely gives us the feeling of being ready to conquer the world.

Sleep recharges our energy for next day and helps maintain a good health. Without knowing how we it work, we know we need it. There are more benefits that we can get from a good sleep that we haven’t heard since. Let us know one by one from this article.


Mental Benefits: Clear thinking, Learning, and Memory

If you haven’t slept enough, you will wake up feeling fuzzy, confused, and can’t think correctly. Sleep affects your cognition, decision making, and attention. If you don’t sleep well you can think clearly and can’t even do simple problem solving easily unlike if you have enough sleep.

Learning. People who slept enough can do the learning more easily. There are several studies showed that if you have to learn something, sleeping enough can make your mind learn a lot more after you have taken a very good quality sleep.

Memory. If you are about to study for an exam, memory works a lot faster if you have taken a quality sleep a night before you study. Things you have read will be retained more than if you are lacking sleep. Exams are important but what are you going to answer if you can’t remember what you have studied.

clear thinking

Weight control

Weight is controlled as a result of good quality sleep. It does not mean that you will have weight loss if you sleep well. It is purely physiological. If you don’t sleep enough, a hormone leptin will be less produced. Leptin is responsible in making a person full. So most likely, you will eat more than usual. Also, if you don’t have enough sleep, you don’t have the energy for exercise. As a result, you are tired and craves for foods high in calories and fats.

weight control

Lowers Pain

Having enough sleep results to lowering of pain. A study shows lowering of pain level if you are suffering from an acute pain or chronic pain you had from a recent injury. Some pain medications will keep a person up all night so if a good sleep helps in lowering pain, it can be a good supplement for pain medications. It is a good addition management for pain suffering patients. With this fact, patients with acute to chronic pain might have the lesser need to take pain medications than usual only if they can have a good quality sleep.


Good Mood

The same as its health benefits, mood resulted from having good quality sleep does not ensure a sunny mood for everyone but it gives positive effects though. Sleep regulates your emotion. You are most likely to get cranky and exhausted if you are not getting enough sleep.

good mood

Better Sex Life

Although there is no evidence linking with testosterone level of men with sleep, a study by National Sleep Foundation showed that 26% of people who lacks sleep have been having negative effects with their sex life. Being tired and no energy for their partner is one of the main reason. Sleep help you to be ready for the activity. Sleep makes it more fun and satisfying.

better sex life 

Stronger Health

Having a good sleep doesn’t grant you full immunity from disease. But there are several studies shows that those who lack good quality sleep are more prone in getting a disease such as heart disease, obesity and heart attack. It is not an assurance though. But it is better to be careful than sorry. Balance your activity with rest. Sleep well.

stronger health

There are a lot more other benefits you can get from regular good quality sleep. Our body is made very special and complicated. But sure thing is, it is the most wonderful thing created by our Creator. Even for the small beautiful thing we do, it gives us the most benefits we get.


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