Things To Remember To Keep Away From Diarrhea

Each and every one of us poop two to three times a day and for some people they poop two to three times in a week to eliminate the waste from our body, and it is called “bowel movement”. It is natural for us to poop because you can tell that our body really functions well and it excretes wastes from the food that we eat every day. However, with the number of times we poop in a day that sometimes lasts for two to three days, we can’t tell if we have a problem with our bowel movement and for some people they would think that it is normal when it is really not if you have it for three to five consecutive days.

There are no problem if we eliminate wastes more than three times in a day but if it lasts up to three or more days, you should already consult a doctor on what was really happening to your bowel movement routine. A normal stool is not that hard but, it is not also watery. A brown or green stool is considered as a normal stool. But, If you notice that there is a red part or blood in your stool and it is extremely watery than the usual that’s when you know that there is something wrong or as the doctor say, you are experiencing diarrhea.

It is normal if we poop watery stool within a day but it is not normal when you have it for a number of days. You may also experience a lot of symptoms when you have a diarrhea. Some symptoms that usually occur is abdominal cramps, abdominal pain, fever, bloating and blood in the stool. You may also feel dizzy all the time.


Possible Cause of Diarrhea

There are a lot of possible causes of diarrhea. One of the causes are the viruses like, viral hepatitis, Norwalk virus or cytomegalovirus. Food and drinks that are contaminated transfers parasites and bacteria to our body. We can also develop diarrhea when we are travelling and one of its causes are also the bacteria and parasites, therefore it is called “travelers’ diarrhea”. Another cause is Medications. There are a lot of medicines that can cure diarrhea yet some of it can make it worse. Before buying a medicine, make sure to consult your doctor first if you are allowed to take it because even the antibiotics causes diarrhea since it destroys the good and the bad bacteria in our body. Some medicine doesn’t also have the right prescriptions. Surgery are also one of the causes of diarrhea after they undergo abdominal or internal surgery. Lastly, some disorders of the digestive tract like IBS, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, and microscopic colitis.

Important Reminder on What to Avoid If You Have Diarrhea

Aside from its causes, there are also many ways on how to avoid having a diarrhea. First, make sure to balance that food that you eat every day. Don’t eat gassy foods. Avoid eating foods rich in fat and fiber. Lessen or just avoid to eat sweet foods like chocolates, cookies and also avoid eating oily foods. Oily foods doesn’t also cause diarrhea yet it also makes us fat and experience abdominal pain. Limit milk intake. As everyone knows that drinking milk is healthy, there are also a harm when we drink too much of milk. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and soft drinks because it will just irritate our digestive system. By avoiding all of these, it will increase your chance of not having diarrhea again.

What To Do After

After having your diarrhea, there are a lot foods that you should eat as it may help you to gain more weight yet avoid having diarrhea again and also, to be back to your bowel movement/routines. It may also speed up your healing process.

broth soup

Juices and Broth Soups

If you have diarrhea it is expected that you’ll lose a lot of body fluids, might as well gain all the fluids that you lose by eating Broth-Based Soups, Juices and Water. Adding a soup and a vegetable while eating a solid food can also help you gain nutrients from it. Just balance everything and you will also get back from it.

bland veggies

Bland Fruits and Veggies

As we all know, Fruits and Vegetables has a lot of benefits in our body. It provides vitamins, nutrients, mineral, proteins and it can make our body stronger. It really helps our body to get away with diarrhea. But then again, it is recommended that you should eat bland vegetables and fruits only because you’re still on the healing process. You can just eat cooked carrots, bananas, mashed potatoes and any bland fruit and vegetables that is soft and will not cause irritation to our digestive system.

low fiber diet

Low Fiber Food

Eating cereals, bread, legumes or any another food that is rich in fiber worsens diarrhea. So stick on eating the right amount of food. Sticking on to the low fiber food is a good choice and the foods that contains low amount of fiber includes white bread (toasted), chicken, egg whites, and soda crackers.



BRAT refers to B as banana, R for rice, A for applesauce and T for toast. It really effective because it makes your stool become normal or firm. It also contains low-fiber and it is good for our health. It also helps to avoid from vomiting and having nausea.

probiotic rich drinks


Gaining more good bacteria helps to cure diarrhea. You may take specific food that are rich in good bacteria or supplements. Yogurt contains probiotics therefor it can help you gain good bacteria and it also restores balance. There are many types of yogurt but, you should only try a yogurt with a low sugar in it.

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