Things You Can Do At Home For Your Hair Baldness


One of the most common problem of men nowadays is about their hair, hair baldness in specific. Baldness is defined as a condition where a person will have less hair or no hair on his or her head at all (even if human loses at least 250 strands of hair every wash). Hair baldness is generally called as hair loss and is technically called as alopecia. A severe form of this condition is called alopecia totalis, where a person will lose all of his or her hair.

Causes of Hair Baldness

Clogging of the hair follicle is the main cause of baldness. This condition is more noticeable in men due to many reasons (or a combination of any of the following factors listed below):
• Aging

• Heredity

• Menopausal
• Pregnancy
• Steroids (Anabolic)
• Use of Birth control pills/oral contraceptives

• Over consumption of vitamin A
• Change in diet
• Terminal disease
• Intake of drugs
• Excessive use of straightening machines or hair dryer
• Change of hormones
• Lack of protein and iron
• Medical conditions, like anemia
• Sudden loss of weight
• Infection of the scalp
• Illness (Short or long-term)
• Stress
• Disorders of the thyroid
• Hair styles that are very tight
• Trauma

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Signs and Symptoms
Baldness is a condition where a person losses excessive amount of hair in the head which results to many bald patches and it starts being seen on the head. Other symptoms of hair baldness are circular bald patch on top of the head, full body loss of hair, hair fall visible on the pillow or while combing or shampooing, thinning of the hair, incomplete hair loss on scalp, problems of the nails (such as dents, roughness, and white spots, dents), fats loosening of hair, sudden loss of weight, receding hairline, and stress.

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Home Remedies for Baldness
There are several ways to stop being bald. Most people who noticed that their hair are becoming few or thin, they usually got to the doctor and ask for surgery. BUT little did they know that there are ways to bring back their hair even without spending too much money. To avoid spending a lot and going through the surgery process, try these natural remedies which you can do at the convenience of your home to bring back the hair that you wanted.

Castor Oil

Castor oil work as a humectant. Humectant refers to a compound that avoids loss of moisture. Castor oil is not only a cure for baldness but also for other skin diseases as well. All you need to do is to put a few castor oil in your palms and massage it to your scalp gently. It gives nourishment to your hair and promoted growth of hair.

Red Gram and Pigeon Pea
Red gram together with pigeon pea is a very effective mixture for treating hair baldness. Just grind the two ingredients to make a paste then apply the paste on the affected area. You will see the difference after.

Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera is a considered as one of the most effective home remedy for several problems of the health. This herbal plant is very effective in helping your hair to grow more. As a cure for baldness, it will open the clogged hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Just massage an amount of Aloe Vera on you head gently.

Coconut Oil
As a natural remedy to treat hair baldness, massage your head with coconut oil and leave it overnight and wash it off by the next morning. You may also add a little amount of lemon juice on your coconut oil to make it more effective. Coconut oil stimulates your hair follicles and it prevents further hair loss.

Extracted juice from onion (through grating or blending) is the one used in treating hair baldness. You can mix a little bit of honey on the onion juice to make it more effective and to lessen the strong smell of onion. Apply the mixture on you scalp and massage gently. You can also use raw onions and apply it to the affected area for 15 minutes, twice a day. The sulfur content of onions helps in treating baldness since it stimulates blood flow. More blood going to the area means more hair growing on it.

Black Pepper

Its magical effect on treating baldness is by mixing black pepper and lime seeds. Make it into a paste and apply evenly to your scalp.

There are a lot more natural home remedies that you can use to treat your hair baldness. All you need to do is to be patient and knowledgeable about what and how to use those ingredients.

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