Tips to Workout At Home Comfortably

You do not have the energy to go to the gym? That is not a problem anymore. For this body workout, you only need your body and get superbly fit. This home body workout gives totally enough resistance in order for you to attain a leaner and sexier toned body. Do you know what the secret behind this home workout is? To be able to attain a sexy and slim body, you must get and keep as many of your muscles if possible to move quickly from an exercise then to another exercise.

By doing this, you keep the rate of your heart high. Through this body exercise circuit, you will learn how to perform resistance exercise which is followed by a cardio move of high energy type immediately which helps workout the same group of muscles. Zigzag method as popularly known and called by the professionals, this method of workout increases the mass of your lean muscles effectively while it also decreases the body fat. It engages your muscles fibers during a short period of time then burn a lot of calories.

This is a workout that requires no gym but burns fats even more especially when paired with supersets (requires to do two moves without rests in between) is a killer conditioning routine. Perform this body routine three times a week but on nonconsecutive days: To start with, do moves 1 then perform repetitions as many times within 60 seconds. Perform move 2 again as many times as you can within 60 seconds (this is the superset second part). After doing so, perform the move 3. Try to continue doing this pattern and finished up to the 8th move. It called one circuit already. Then rest for a while, for one minute to two minutes (it is even good to take shorter breaks, try to challenge yourself). After the break, repeat the circuit for 2-3 times more.


Exercise #1: Forward Lunge

Superset One

Place your hands onto your hips. Stand in the sense that your feet are hip- width at a little distance apart. Put your leg forward (right leg) then slowly lower down your body until it reaches to a point where the right knee is in 90 degree position. Go back to the first position (starting position). Do the same thing with the left leg. It is one repetition already.

Exercise #2: Squat Jump

Superset One

Stand in the sense that your feet are hip- width at a little distance apart and your toes are kept forward. Touch the back of your ears lightly with your fingers then extend your elbow on the side. With knees bent, jump as high explosively as you would. Land the balls of the feet sofly on the ground and lower your position immediately for the next squat.

Exercise #3: Pushup

Superset Two

Do the pushup position. See to it that your feet are maintained at a little distance apart while your hands are kept slightly outside of your shoulders. Form your body into a very straight line from your head up to the heels of your feet. Slowly lower the stance of your body and stop when your chest nearly reaches the floor. Stop for a while and then go back onto the position where you started before quickly as possible. It is a one repetition already.

Exercise #4: Bend and Thrust

Superset Two

Put your arms on the sides of your body. Stand in the sense that your feet are hip- width at a little distance apart. In a single motion, try to bend slowly your knees then put your hands on either of the side (left or right side) of the legs and then jump high. Your feet should land on the ground and both at the back so that you can assume again the pushup position while maintaining a straight back. Reverse the motions quickly and return to the starting position. It is a one repetition already.

Exercise #5: Plie Squat

Superset Three

Maintain a little distance apart while you stand (around 2-3 feet apart) while your toes should be turned out. Put your hands onto your hips. Push the hips back then lower the body down. Do not stop yet not until both of the thighs become parallel with the floor. Then pause for a while. After a minute, push yourself again back to the position where you started first. It is a one repetition already.


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