Top 10 Most Effective Fat Burning Exercises 

Losing that excess body fat and getting into your best possible shape may require some exercise.But the large range of exercises at your disposal today can cause confusion to you in making the right choice of the best one that will help you shed that excess fat and reveal your hard-won muscles. The best exercises are those that involve the movement of multiple body muscles. While it takes different kinds of exercises to burn the excess fats in your body and achieve that desired well rounded fitness, here are the top 10 most effective fat burning exercises;


Did you know that by simply having a walk you can burn up to 400 calories per hour? It has been proved that walking could be even better for your fat burning than running, and it is easier to get started and safer. Therefore, it is the best method for the obese individual who cannot use other forms of exercises and those who are injured who cannot get involved in high intensity activities. It is recommended to have 30-45 minutes for every walking session and you will realize a change within a short period of time.



Jogging is one of the most ideal full body exercises which only require you to have the right pair of shoe. Jogging a few kilometers per day will play a great role in burning your body fat since it; boosts your body`s metabolic rate and help you develop strong and lean muscles by burning up to 430 calories per hour. Nonetheless, jogging is a high intensity exercise that could be hard on your knees, hence it is advisable to make progress more slowly and improving your speed as your fitness levels increase. It is recommended to spend 20-30 minutes for every jogging session.


This is an exercise that involves the same muscles like running, but it is more advantageous since it has a lower impact making it more ideal for almost everyone except those with certain serious injuries. For purposes of burning body fat, it is recommended that you do it on a stationary bike since it saves you of the agony of regular distractions on the road. Therefore, you should consider cycling the best option of low impact and a high intensity form of exercise to burn your body fat. It is recommended to spend 30-45 minutes per every cycling session.



This is one of the great high intensity exercises that burn up to 840 calories per hour. It is the best exercise since it works all the main body muscles and is of higher intensity as compared to walking and jogging. Therefore, choose now to visit a rowing machine and spend up to 25-30 minutes for every session and be sure to have a total body workout that will strip you of the excess fat and always keep your fitness high.


Just like rowing, swimming is a total body exercise that burns up to 600 calories per hour. It is a low impact exercise since your entire body is floating on water hence there is little risk of injury. Swimming involves a variety of styles; with the free style stroke being the most common one, but b it is recommended to a variety of strokes so that you can get the impact on all your body muscles leading to burning of more calories. It is recommended to spend 30-40 minutes for every swimming session.

Weight lifting

Lifting weights

Did you know that weight lifting continues to burn calories for as long as 48 hours after the exercise? It is one of the most effective exercises that burn up to 800 calories per hour. Therefore, if you have been of the idea that you should not be going to the gym for fear of developing bulky muscles, it is time to consider it because it is a perfect workout that can play a major role in stripping off that excess fat in your body. It is recommended to spend 30-40 minutes per every weight lifting session.


In the middle of one dance

Apart from being a form of fun and entertainment, dancing it is one of the best ways to tone your body ad burn that excess fat. Dancing allow you to burn up to 600 calories per hour. It is an excellent way to increase your heartbeat rate hence increasing your body metabolism rate hence resulting to the burn of excess body fat. Fortunately, there are a variety of dancing styles hence you will be sure to identify that which fits your personality and style.

Jumping rope

Jumping Rope

This is a high impact exercise that burns up to 900 calories per hour. It is form exercise that will give more definition on your shoulders and calves since it works these muscles more vigorously. It is recommended too use a rope with handles that reach slightly under your armpits when you stand on the middle of it. Due to its high intensity, it is recommended to spend 10-20 minutes since it might lead to impact injuries on your hip or lower leg if you do it for too long.

Ice skating


Ice skating is one of the enjoyable exercise that burns up to 300 calories per hour. It is a form of exercise that has a great impact on your thighs and knee muscles and helps you to strip the excess fat and develop lean muscles while having fun. Furthermore, it is the best alternative during the winter season to those people who love roller skating which is usually enjoyed in the summer time. It is recommended to spend 30-40 minutes for every session of ice skating.

Horse riding

Apart from enjoying nature from horse riding, it plays a great role in helping you stay fit and healthy by toning up your thighs and butt by burning up to 300 calories per hour of the ride. Furthermore, it is a low impact form of exercise that can virtually be done by anyone except for those with major body injuries. It is recommended to spend 40-50 minutes for every session of horse riding and be sure to realize a noticeable fat burning within no time.

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