Top Principles about Drinking Water

drinking water

Water plays an important role in our daily lives and one cannot fail to mention the benefits that come from drinking water. It covers 70.9% of the planet and very vital for all living things that can be found on the earths surface. Water can be found in different places such as taps, bottles, springs, rivers and so much more. It is also found in foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, etc. so it is important that you learn the principles for drinking water before delving into the benefits of drinking it. Water is especially important for human beings as the human body consists of water which varies depending on the age and condition of the person. A baby has 78% water in its body while males have 60% water and females have 55% water content in their bodies.  This is because water in the human body decreases while a person continues to age.

Principles about drinking water

Most doctors recommend that a person should drink about 8 glasses of water per day but due ignorance many people don’t take this into consideration. So they end up not hydrating their bodies as it should be. This is a major health risk which doctors and public health officials should educate the public about. Sensitization of the public can help them live healthy lifestyles through taking the advice of doctors and public health officials thus ensuring that they have healthy bodies.  Here are the principles which people can follow so that they can live a healthy lifestyle.

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Drink safe water

To avoid diseases such as diarrhea, ensure that you drink safe water. This can be achieved through boiling the water or even purifying it through filtration. This is important due to the fact that when boiling the water, you kill the harmful micro-organisms living in the water and this will help eliminate the risk of falling sick. World Health Organization estimates the number of people dying each year due to unsafe drinking water to be at least 1.8 million and you do not want to fall into this category. So ensure that you get your drinking water from reputable source and take due measures to ensure that it is hygienic to drink.

Where to get safe drinking water

There are many sources of safe drinking water that you can use to fetch this wonderful and life sustaining commodity. You could source your water from rivers and water pans. Those that have access to piped water can get it from their taps, but before drinking it ensure that you take necessary measures to purify it and make it safe. It is important so as to kill the harmful organisms living in the water. For those that are lucky enough, they can have their water bottled and buy the same from the markets. Bottled water has passed through water purification and safe to drink straight from the bottle. Alternatively you can have a water filter installed at your home and it will help in filtering the water and leaving safe water for you to drink.

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Benefits of drinking water

Drinking water has several benefits; these include maintaining your body fluid balance.  As stated above the human body has about 60% body content.  The main functions of this water content is to ensure that the body can carry main core functions such as digestion, absorption, circulation transportation of nutrients and so much more. Water also helps maintain the body temperature and also creation of saliva. So if you avoid drinking water then you will be straining your body and grinding to a halt these body functions.

Water also helps energize your muscles. So drink lots of water to ensure that you maintain the balance of electrolytes thus avoiding fatigue. Make sure that you drink lots of water while exercising or even while just lazing away as this helps maintain the body fluid balance ensuring that your body functions continue as it should.

Need to have your skin looking good? Then it is important that you drink water, and lots of it to ensure that your body cells are hydrates. Dehydrated skin looks tired and wrinkled so avoid this by drinking lots of water.

Finally, drinking water helps you maintain a healthy bowel function and also your kidneys. So if you do not want to strain while going number two then ensure that you drink lots of water. It is important that you follow the advice above so as to have a healthy body and body functions. Ensure that you drink safe water bought, filtered or even boiled. It doesn’t matter where you source the water you drink, but ensure that you have sanitized it and made it healthy for your body.

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