Weight Loss By Eating Pineapple


I have significantly lost some pounds over the last few months. To start off, I am not really fat. My weight is neither good nor bad. I get annoyed easily when people notice how I have been losing my weight. I often hear them saying I got thinner as well as the ring on my finger and the clothes I wear doesn’t fit me anymore. As a matter of fact, I didn’t do anything to gain this weight. I eat regularly with the same amount of meals on a daily basis following my same diet regimen. I didn’t do exercise. So what could possibly be the reason that facilitated the weight loss I am experiencing? I had thought about it several times and the only thing that comes to my mind are the pineapples I have been consuming lately.

High dose of Vitamin C

I can’t remember when exactly had I started to eat pineapples. I started to eat some daily. I can eat three slices (quarter of the pineapple) every day. I actually eat it after my meal at lunch. I only know some facts about pineapples. They are rich in Vitamin C and they are highly acidic by nature. I really think this is the culprit of my weight change so I did a little research on some information regarding this fruit.

Good source of Bromelain enzyme

My source is Wikipedia. According to it, pineapples contain a great amount of the chemical element called manganese and a lot more vitamins too such as the vitamin B1 and the vitamin C which are significantly needed by our body. Furthermore, the pineapple fruit is rich in Bromelain, an enzyme that plays a role in food digestion. It also aids in preventing any forms or swelling or inflammation due to infection.

Bromelain and slimming pills

I did not find any firm evidence scientifically on the relation of pineapples to weight reduction however I did find that some other people thinks the same way about pineapples as I am. Like for instance, I have found a website on the internet stating how eating pineapples can help facilitate weight loss naturally. Also, I have found out that many companies uses Bromelain and include it in the composition of slimming pills. These have also proved to cut off excess body fats to allow losing weight easily. Despite of this, no studies have been conducted scientifically to prove the claim. However on the other hand, Bromelain can be soluble and should not leave any particular effects on the body weight.


Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and weight loss

In addition to this, the pineapple fruit is high in Thiamine or Vitamin B1. Thiamine is known to aid in carbohydrate metabolism. I searched several times about this vitamin and surprisingly it appeared many times in a variety of websites talking about weight loss programs. In some ways possible, there must be a close connection between losing weight and vitamin B. As stated in one of the websites that I viewed, losing weight and vitamin B goes together just only when vitamin B of all kinds are also being taken altogether.

Promotes better metabolism and better digestion

Does consumption of pineapples increase the incidence of weight loss? I don’t have scientific facts to back me up on this however, I have concluded that when you eat pineapples regularly, your digestion is improved and your metabolism gets better. Through this you can really lose some weight. On the other hand, I can also conclude base on my experience that it did work for me the way it is. But I am not closing any possibilities of some foods that I ate or other factors had affected my significant weight change.

Possible side effects

Before anything else, bear in mind that too much of everything is harmful so be sure to eat this fruit in moderation. Here are several reasons you might want to consider; first, it sure is high in sugar content. Pineapples have naturally and unrefined sugar on it, even though it is what it is, too much intake of sugar can cause the body’s blood sugar level to rise up. Second, eating too many pineapples could bring about thinning of the blood. People who take blood- thinning substances or medications must be cautious. Third, pineapples are highly considered to be “cooling foods”. Therefore it is not always good for your stomach. As a matter of fact, I think it predisposed me to develop mild backaches. And last but not the least, the “biting” feeling after eating too much of it. Pineapples cause this uncomfortable effect on the tongue so be very careful and watch what you eat.

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