What A Protein Shake Can And Cannot Do

Protein shakes were very famous to athletes and personal trainers on the recent years. It has gone mainstream for more than a 10 years now. Many tried protein shakes even without the knowledge of what protein shakes can do just because their friend recommends using it. A lot of personal trainer advice their athlete and those who wants to lose weight and gain muscles in using protein shake. And most of them drinks it even without proper information of such drink type. Many tried it on their own but failed to consume it the right way.  Most of them uses 2 scoops of the muscle milk powder and mix it with either water or water. They drink the protein shake once or twice in a day. Because of the lack of knowledge about the shake, improper and unregulated consumption of protein shake happened and there was never an outcome met.


All About Protein Shakes

Protein shake is one of the most common way of acquiring more protein for the muscle recovery and muscle building. This popularly used by gym goers, slimmers, and athletes. Protein is the main component of the body to repair and build muscles. Food that contains protein include eggs, steaks, and chicken meat. But if you are aiming for faster muscle build up or repair, here is when protein shakes comes very beneficial.

There 2 types of protein shakes: the dairy protein shake and the non-dairy protein shake. One of the most common example of dairy protein shake is Whey. Whey is the most popular and used by most of protein shake consumers. Non-dairy protein shake on the other hand is preferred for lactose intolerants and those who have diet restrictions related to religion or health condition.

Protein shake is recommended to be drank after a workout session. It is consumed in addition of your regular meal or as a replacement of a meal. Studies showed that if you replace a meal with a protein shake, you will have positive weight loss result for a yearlong period. And you will also lose a more body fat mass and body weight.

 Protein shake

Pros of Protein Shake

Gives quickly absorbed protein source. Fluids are absorbed faster by the body than the solid foods. So, if you choose to drink protein shakes, protein is absorbed by the body faster. This benefits most for those who works out. Drinking protein shake post workout is very essential for muscle rebuilding and repair.

Convenient. It is more convenient bringing along with you a bottle of water or milk and a pack or sachet of protein powder rather than a full Tupperware of lean meats and portions of complex carbos.

Additional calorie source. Obviously, it’s an addition to your daily protein source but it is also an additional source of your calorie intake. If you are aiming to gain weight, drinking protein shake is such a good idea. But it can be a con, too. Especially if you are into weight loss.


Cons of Protein Shake

It is a bit pricey. Although it depends on the brand and product type, protein shakes cost between 20 to 30 pounds.

There can be unwanted ingredients included. Even if protein powder labels says it is 100 % whey protein you cannot be sure that it does not contain any other ingredient. Always look for the label! Some contains artificial flavors, oils, soy beans, sweeteners, xantham gum, and sugars. Notice also that sugars may not be spelled as SUGAR but it is written as –dextrose. Any ingredient that says dextrose on its last part of the word that is considered as a type of sugar.

It is not Paleo. Since it is in a powdered form, it is most likely mixed with artificial sweeteners and other kinds of additives. You cannot be an Anti-processed food person and yet drinks cow milk with a lot of artificial additives. But you will be always against for the both.

convenient to bring-whey

Aside from shake, there are other means of using protein powder in attempt to lose weight and facilitate in muscle building. You can use your protein powder when you’re baking your muffin, pudding, pancakes, protein fudges, cookies, oatmeal bars, and cakes. You may also mix it with your own smoothie, milkshake, coffee, and yogurt.

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