What is Probably Slowing down Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism rate will determine your weight loss progress to some extent. There are some foods you may be eating or activities that you may be involved in which are slowing down your metabolism rate. You should assess your life and identify those foods or activities that are pulling you back in slowing down your metabolism rate and avoid them. In case they are some activities that involve your lifestyle, then there is need for you to change your lifestyle so that you will increase your metabolism rate for better results in your weight loss progress. Here are some factors that are probably slowing down your metabolism rate:

A Weird Eating Schedule

There are some people who have weird eating schedules. This will tend to slow down their metabolism rate. For you to ensure you achieve the best metabolism rate that will be optimal for your body to maintain healthy weight, you should consider eating at regular intervals in your day. Changing the duration of time which you will eat food will lead your body to burning less calories because the body will tend to adopt to certain meal times when it will burn more calories.

Pesticides in Produce

Pesticides in Produce
It will be hard for you to maintain optimal metabolism rate and lose weight in case you re among those who eat food that have been affected with toxins. There are some foods which you may eat such as fruits, they are healthy but in case they have been affected by toxins from pesticides they will not help a lot. The best way for you to ensure you enjoy healthy living and achieve optimum metabolism is to ensure all foods that you eat are healthy. You can make a habit of buying from farms in your neighborhood where they have taken necessary measures to prevent pests from attacking their crops.

Skimping on Sleep
Sleeping less will lead your body to using less energy which it should utilize during rest. For you to increase your rate of metabolism and burn more calories, you should ensure you have slept for enough hours. Health professionals recommend 8 hours of good sleep in a day for you to enjoy healthy life. There are many things which can lead you to lacking healthy sleep. For example, you may fail to sleep well due to stress. You should look for ways of getting rid of the stress so that you will enjoy healthy sleep. Removing destructors from your bedroom will also contribute towards making you enjoy the best sleep which you deserve for healthy living.

Lack of iron in the body

Lack of iron
There are some people who suffer from iron deficiency. This can be caused by different health conditions. In women who experience menses, they will tend to lose iron in the menses. They will tend to experience low metabolism rates. In case you are one of them, you should improve on your iron intake. You will easily achieve it after you start making use of foods such as iron fortified cereals, dark leafy greens such as spinach, beans and broccoli. Iron supplements will also help in raising the amount of iron in your body in case it has gone too low.

Eating Too Little
Your body will react to the little amount you eat and start storing it in form of fat. This will in return lead to affecting your metabolism rate. In case you will like to lose weight, and you find yourself starving as a way of trying to reduce the amount of fat you have on your body, then you should know you are not doing yourself any favor. You will only lose weight after you decide to stick to healthy eating habits. Just eat the right amount of food which will make your body increase the rate of metabolism and burn excess fats from your body instead of storing more as a way of trying to prevent starvation from affecting your body system.

Sitting Too Long

Siting for too long in the same position will impact negatively on the performance of your metabolism rate. You will tend to slow down your rate of metabolism after you decide to sit in the same position for long. For you to increase your metabolism rate and achieve in burning more calories, you should ensure you get involved in activities that will lead you to burning more calories. Even if you work in an office, try to spare some time in a day and get involved in exercises. There are different exercises which you can do in your work place or home where you tend to sit a lot.

Lack of Enough Calcium
Enough calcium in your body will lead you to burning more calories. This is due to the role that calcium play in regulating the rate of burning calories in your body. It will determine the amount of calories you will store as fats and the one that you will use to carry out daily activities. For you to ensure you have the right amount of calcium in your body, you should try and drink enough milk. There are also other calcium rich foods that you can try.


All your body process will depend on water for them to be carried out effectively. For you to ensure you have kept your metabolism rate at its optimum, you should ensure you have always drunk enough water. Enough water in your body will lead you to burning more calories due to an increase in your level of metabolism which will impact positively on your weight loss process.

Skipping Breakfast

There are some people w how skip breakfast with an aim of trying to lose weight, the fact is that they are not losing weight. When you skip breakfast your body will adjust and store more calories as a way of trying to take preventive measures against starvation. You will also increase your chances of over eating during lunch time after you skip breakfast. For you to avoid cases where you will end up slowing down your rate of metabolism due to lack of breakfast in your meal plan, you should ensure you eat healthy breakfast. Breakfast that is made out of balanced diet will always lead you to achieving high levels of metabolism which will impact positively on your rate of metabolism.

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