Why Water Is Better Than Juice

After every few days, we get to see new adverts on the television that promote juices and that too, in a number of different flavors: Mango juice, Peach juice, Orange juice, etc. and even mix fruit juices. Juices do have their benefits and add to our healthy diets but the benefits and importance of water is far more and cannot be overlooked. Even the fresh fruit juices cannot replace the advantages that can be obtained by drinking water.

Our bodies are made up of 50 to 78 percent water, depending on the person’s age and body type. There cannot be a better reason to intake enough water than knowing the fact that drinking less water than required can cause dehydration which can lead to more health problems.


Benefits of Water

Weight loss: If you are looking for a diet plan to lose some pounds, go for one that involves drinking lots of water. Yes, you read that right. Water is one of those few things that might seem very simple but benefit weight loss a lot. When you drink water before starting your meal, it decrease your urge to eat more and hence, prevents you from over-eating. Moreover, it is said to increase the rate at which your body burns fat which obviously means more weight loss in a shorter span of time.

Physical and mental capacity: Water helps your body stay more active and physically ready to do more work. If you do not drink enough water, you can tend to feel more tired and lazy. It does not only effect you physically but your mind also becomes fatigued after only a short period of concentration and mental tasks.

Getting rid of toxins: One of the biggest advantages of water is that it removes the toxins present in one’s body through urine and sweat. Kidney stones will also not be an issue for you if you remember to drink enough water as it dilutes the minerals and salts present in urine that are a cause of these stones.

Healthier skin: There is one visible advantage of drinking enough water and that is a glowing and healthy skin. It might sound very illogical at first but when you keep up with the amount of water that your body requires, your skin becomes healthy enough to keep the moisture locked in for more time than usual which results in its better appearance and texture.


Benefits of Juices

Nutrients and vitamins: There are various sources of nutrients and vitamins that are essential for health and safeguarding against diseases. Juices extracted from fruits and vegetables provide us with some of these. However, what these juices lack are most of the minerals and vitamins that one can intake by eating fruits and vegetables, rather than drinking juices.


Easier to consume: If you are one of those people who do not necessarily prefer eating fruits and vegetables, but still believe that you should attain the benefits that come with consuming these edibles then freshly extracted juices are your second best option. Although, they are not an equal replacement of adding fruits and vegetables to your meals.

How is Water Better?

As you have read the benefits of water and juices above already, you can clearly see that the benefits of water are far greater than those of juices. But if you are still not convinced, following are a few facts that will make you think twice before you pick juices over water.

Extra calories: While juices might be an excellent source of some vitamins, such as vitamin C or vitamin E, they are also loaded with those extra calories that are surely not helpful in keeping your weight in control. However, water is free of any such cons.

Excess sugars: If you try to replace water with juices in your daily routine completely, you will not be doing yourself a favor, rather damaging your health. Juices contain naturally occurring sugars in large amounts and if you are drinking processed juices, they contain artificial sugars too. Water, on the other hand, has no such components.

Not enough water: Juices can never fulfill the need of water in your body. Sure, water may take up a large percentage of composition of juices but it will never be enough if you avoid drinking water. Weight loss and water

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